HKCEC Update for CineAsia 2019

Hong Kong SAR & New York ( August 16, 2019 ) -

To: Past, Present, and Future Attendees of CineAsia in Hong Kong
From: Robert and Andrew Sunshine
Re: Update on Hong Kong
Date:   August 15, 2019

As you are all aware, there has been a series of mass protests in Hong Kong. Like all responsible business people doing business there, we have our ear to the ground and are watching the situation very closely.

All our contacts and close friends in Hong Kong tell us it is business as usual. The airport is open once again and it is our hope that things will return to normal shortly.

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center assures us that as of today no international exhibitions have been cancelled. A letter from the HKCEC which gives an update on their facility and in HK in general is below.

We will continue to monitor the happenings in the city but feel relatively confident that the convention will go on in December as planned. If there is any hint that the safety of our delegates is questioned, we would take all steps necessary to protect them.

Keep your eyes open to more updates from our office and look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong in December.

With Best Wishes,

Robert and Andrew Sunshine

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

Event Update as of 15 August 2019

The HKCEC has been operating as normal since July. As of today, no international exhibition or conference has been cancelled.

Although there have been road closures nearby during several public activities, the HKCEC remained accessible by foot, private cars / freight trucks and public transportation. Major events, including the Book Fair with close to 1 million attendees, were held as scheduled in July. Over the past few weeks, several annual popular events continued to attract huge crowds.

The annual Food Expo, concurrently held with Hong Kong International Tea Fair, Beauty & Wellness Expo, Home Delights Expo, and International Conference of Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products, which together utilize all exhibition halls at the HKCEC opened this morning as scheduled, with large number of enthusiastic visitors, including families with young children and elderlies.

There were cancellations of flights departing and arriving Hong Kong on 12 and 13 August when public activities caused operation disruption of the airport.  Normal flight operations have resumed since 14 August, after the Airport Authority has obtained an interim injunction to prevent further obstruction.  Stringent access control has been implemented.  Only airport staff and departing passengers with valid credentials are allowed to enter the terminal buildings.  This special measure is in place until further notice.

Safety of visitors and staff has always been HML’s top priority. HML has a set of emergency preparedness plans and is ready to activate in response to different scenarios. HML will communicate closely with event organisers and relevant Government departments and continue to closely monitor the situation, to enable events be conducted smoothly and all participants conduct their business and enjoy their activities in the HKCEC comfortably and safely.  If needed, security measures can be strengthened in consultation with the organisers.  HML will keep event participants informed of latest information through HKCEC’s official website and Facebook page.

(as of 16:00hrs,  15 Aug 2019)