Greta & Starks Apps GmbH Launches New Service to Foreign Language Audiences Worldwide During the MDF @Cannes NEXT 2021

The Greta app offers a new and simplified way for foreign language audiences to access screenings in their preferred language, via subtitles or dubbing – in cinemas, at home and at festivals

The Greta app is an innovative audience booster which can significantly add to revenue and admissions at cinemas worldwide.

Berlin, Germany ( July 2, 2021 ) -

Founder and CEO Seneit Debese will present and demo the Greta app at Cannes Next on July 8th, 5pm – 6pm at Palais Stage.

This dynamic tool offers a new and simplified way for foreign language audiences to access screenings in their preferred language, via subtitles or dubbing – in cinemas, at home and at festivals. At the same time, the app serves deaf and blind audiences for a barrier-free cinema experience.

In addition, the new Greta Content Delivery Platform, provides real-time use data for market insight and re targeting. Greta platform unique features also offer the ability to podcast your story, enabling new revenue streams via the popular and growing audio market.

Making original and dubbed film versions available worldwide and attracting new audiences simply by clicking – the new industry solution from Greta & Starks Apps GmbH is here!

There is an untapped market of over 400 million expats, students, immigrants and tourists who are excluded from the cinema experience simply due to language barriers. In a globalised world, studies show that the demand for multilingual content is steadily increasing.

This gap is now being filled by the Berlin-based film tech company Greta & Starks Apps GmbH. The newly developed Greta platform, and the existing Greta app now make different language versions (dubbings and subtitles) available worldwide. By simply downloading the Greta app, anyone will be able to purchase their preferred language for the cinema experience.

With a click, distributors and rights holders can make their content available free of charge via the platform and freely select the desired territories and duration of the offer. They retain full control of the rights and availability of content at all times. According to Founder and CEO, Seneit Debese “We expect an additional 6 figure profit per film and thus a gain for the entire cinema industry. This is an audience acquisition tool with enormous potential, not only concerning ROI on the language version but for admissions in cinema, as well”. The app, the platform and all processes comply with the highest DRM and security requirements and are TPN (former MPAA) approved.

About Greta & Starks Apps GmbH
The award-winning Start-up has made over 800 films accessible with audio descriptions and subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Israel with the GRETA app. The app recognizes film sound automatically using sound recognition software and plays the desired extra version: In the cinema, at home or at film festivals. Over the past 6 years, more than 480,000 new viewers (3,8 million EUR box office) with a disability have been served and won over by the Greta & Starks App GmbH in the cinema.

The focus of Greta & Starks Apps has always been on audience growth and multiple value increase for the film industry. In this way, a win-win scenario is created for the film industry, cinema-goers and society. Greta & Starks Apps is very proud to be of service and to partner with independent and major distributors such as Studiocanal, Constantin, Warner, Disney, Sony or Universal. Other partners include festivals such as the Berlinale, DOK Leipzig, Zurich Film Festival among many more. With this background and experience, the technology is in sync with the vision of true audience growth on a global level.

Seneit Debese, founder and CEO of Greta & Starks Apps GmbH, will be available for interviews before and during the Marché du Film.