EDCF Elects New Board and Renews President’s Mandate

London ( July 16, 2018 ) -

The European Digital Cinema Forum recently held its bi-annual elections for Board membership for the coming two year period. There are several new Board members, and the overall Board covers a very wide range of the cinema business and across European countries.

This breadth is a unique strength of the EDCF and is important for a membership-based group so that we can continue to take into account all of our members’ interests and provide real value to the industry as a whole.

In a very competitive election, members voted the following people onto the Board:

  • Angelo d’Alessio – Venice film Festival, Italy
  • Oleg Berezin – Neva Film, Russia
  • Tom Bert – Barco, Belgium
  • Tammo Buhren – ZweiB, Germany
  • David Hancock – IHS Markit, UK
  • Dave Hodgkinson – Universal Studios, UK
  • Cathy Huis in t’veld Esser – Gofilex, Netherlands
  • Matt Jahans – Harkness Screens, UK
  • Julian Pinn – Julian Pinn Ltd., UK
  • Jan Runge – ICTA, Germany
  • Patrick von Sychowski – Celluloid Junkie, UK
  • Jack Watts – Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema

The Board’s first action was to renew the mandate of current President David Hancock, which was unopposed.

David Hancock comments “I would like to thank everyone who stood as a Board member in these elections, the most competitive I can remember. I was impressed by the range and industry stature of the candidates and am heartened by that. It is a very good sign for the EDCF’s future that our membership is so active.

I would like to thank the last Board for their hard work over the past two years, which has seen the EDCF re-energised  and imbued with a new sense of purpose. I also wish to thank those that have stood down from the Board for their longstanding commitment and service to the EDCF and wish them good luck in their continuing ventures”.

The EDCF is currently working on a range of projects, amongst which are the continued European rollout of the SMPTE-DCP, a buyer’s guide to Laser Projection, and a Best Practice Guide to Image and Audio in Cinemas.

The 3rd Annual EDCF Convention will take place in Sweden on November 21st & 22nd. If you are interested in joining us at the EDCF or for further information on our activities, please contact John Graham at jgedcf@talktalk.net