Dolby Cinema at AMC Redefines the Movie-going Experience at AMC Southcenter

Guests in the Tukwila area can enjoy Dolby Cinema at AMC’s spectacular imaging, moving sound, and comfortable recliner seating.

Tukwila, Washington ( March 12, 2018 ) -

AMC Theatres and Dolby Laboratories, Inc. have elevated the moviegoing experience in the Tukwila, Washington area, as movie lovers at AMC Southcenter 16 can now experience the next generation of premium theatres with the opening of Dolby Cinema at AMC.

Dolby Cinema at AMC combines Dolby’s spectacular imaging and sound technologies with innovative seating that takes comfort to the next level with AMC’s spacious recliners. Guests of Dolby Cinema can expect:

Dramatic Imaging—The picture comes alive with astonishing brightness, contrast, and captivating color that more closely matches what the eye can see.

Moving Audio—Guests are transported inside the story with sound that flows all around them, including overhead. The breathtaking realism of the sound creates a powerfully moving experience.

Innovative Seating—Moviegoers enjoy next-level comfort with spacious, high-power reserved recliners that pulsate with the action.

“Dolby Cinema at AMC is a completely captivating movie-watching experience that guests will not only enjoy, but seek out again and again,” said John McDonald, Executive Vice President, US Operations, AMC.

“There is no better way to see a movie than at Dolby Cinema at AMC,” said Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President, Cinema Business Group, Dolby. “With incredible contrast, vivid color, and immersive audio, Dolby Cinema at AMC transports you into the story exactly as the filmmaker intended.”

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