Cinema Week To Celebrate the Culture of Going to the Movies With the Announcement of Its Inaugural Event

Cinema Week

Event Will Be Hosted By More Than 28,000 Screens Nationwide - Showcasing Exclusive In-Theater Content, In-Theater Activations, Exclusive Merchandise And Special Guests, The Event Takes Place June 22 - June 27

Dallas, Texas ( April 20, 2021 ) -

With a mission to re-engage moviegoers, it was announced today that the first-ever Cinema Week, a six-day nationwide event showcasing exclusive in-theater content, activations, giveaways and special guests will kick off June 22. With the support of the Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA), National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), and the generous sponsorship from Atom Tickets, Boxoffice Pro, CES+, Cinionic, Coca-Cola, GDC, Hurst Digital, IdeaMan Studios International Showtimes, Letterboxd, National CineMedia, Network Advisors, PaperAirplane, Savantis Solutions, Screenvision, Spotlight Cinema Networks, Torfoot Films, Variety and Vista Group the event will take place in participating theaters across the country. Cinema Week will be hosted by more than 28,000 screens nationwide – including independent, regional and national cinema circuits: AMC Theatres, B&B Theatres, CineLux, Cinemark, Cinergy, Classic Cinemas, Fridley Theatres, Kerasotes Showplace, Landmark, Malco Theatres, Marcus, Maya, National Amusement Showcase, Regal, Showbiz, Showcase, Silverspot, Warehouse Cinemas, and many more.

“Movie theaters connect us. They are where stories are shared and discussed in a communal experience,” said Brandon Jones, Executive Chairman of the Founding Committee of Exhibitor and Studio Partners for Cinema Week. “Following such a challenging year, I’m humbled by the enthusiasm and support from our sponsors and partners who want to help us remind audiences that the magic happens when you go to the movies. There’s nostalgia there. It’s where we go for entertainment, and by launching Cinema Week, we want to preserve the culture of going to the movies.”

Designed to energize moviegoers, and encourage audiences to support local movie theaters, Cinema Week activities will vary depending upon the location. Moviegoers will purchase tickets as usual, and when they arrive at the theater, each experience will be unique. Studio, vendor and exhibitor partners may provide in-theater only experiences, filmmaker drop-ins, collectable merchandise, giveaways, and more. Details outlining activities related to specific locations will be announced soon, with additional news rolling out leading up to the event.

“Nothing compares to the truly awe-inspiring experience of seeing a film on the big screen with sight and sound technology that cannot be replicated at home,” stated Wanda Gierhart Fearing, Global Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Cinemark. “Cinema Week was created in collaboration among exhibitors and our studio partners to celebrate the immersive, cinematic experience with moviegoers now that theatres are re-opening across the industry.”

“AMC is pleased to participate in Cinema Week and its celebration of going to the movies. Since our theatres started reopening last summer, millions of moviegoers have returned to AMC Theatres safely and enthusiastically. In doing so, they rediscovered the unmatched joy and exhilaration of the big screen experience. We look forward to tens of millions more experiencing the magic of a theatrical cinematic experience in the weeks and months to come,” said Stephen Colanero, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, AMC Theatres.

“The Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA) is excited to support Cinema Week and the magic of the big screen,” said Rich Daughtridge, Board Member and Marketing Committee Chair, Independent Cinemas Alliance. “Representing more than 5,000 screens, the ICA and our members will do our part to lean into the marketing and advertising initiatives and help move this inaugural event forward. We see this is an opportunity to celebrate moviegoing and to strengthen communities where our members operate their venues.”

“With flat screen TVs in most every home, you can now stay home and ‘watch’ movies,” said Jimmy Tashie, Co-Chairman, Malco Theatres. “Seeing a major action movie at home is not the same as viewing one in a true ‘state of the art’ theatre. Modern cinemas offer viewers a ‘cinematic experience’, the kind that immerses the viewer in a high-tech sight and sound journey that can only be experienced in a modern cinema with large screens and multi-track surround sound channels. Filmmakers know the difference and most prefer their art to be enjoyed by audiences in communal settings where the ‘experience’ is shared by all in attendance. You can watch it or experience it; the choice is yours.”

Tomorrow, April 21st at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT, Boxoffice Pro will host Live Sessions: Cinema Week, a live Q&A with Jones, Daughtridge and Melissa Boudreau. Registration is HERE.

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Cinema Week is a program developed and executed by FILMFROG Marketing LLC and Cinema Week LLC to support the exhibition industry.

About Cinema Week
Cinema Week is a six-day nationwide event designed to unite cinemas of all sizes. With a mission to celebrate and preserve the culture of going to the movies, Cinema Week partners showcase exclusive in-theater content, activations, giveaways, special guests and more.

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