Cinema Week Announces Studio Participation From A24, Cloudburst, Disney, IFC Films, Lionsgate, Netflix, Sony Pictures, United Artists and Universal

The first-ever Cinema Week has confirmed studio participation from 10 big studio names, including Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Disney and more.

Cinema Week Hosts Sweepstakes Featuring Five Private Watch Parties For Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, Disney’s Jungle Cruise And 20th Century Studios’ Free Guy

Dallas, TX ( June 18, 2021 ) -

With a mission to re-engage moviegoers and celebrate the culture of going to the movies, the first-ever Cinema Week kicks off next week with studio participation from A24, Cloudburst, Disney, IFC Films, Lionsgate, Netflix, Paramount, Sony Pictures, United Artists and Universal. With the support of the Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA) and National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), the six-day event takes place June 22 – June 27 and will be hosted by more than 30,000 screens across the U.S. and Canada.

As part of the weeklong celebration, Cinema Week will host a special sweepstakes featuring five private watch parties for Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow”, Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” and 20th Century Studios’ “Free Guy”. On Tuesday, June 22, moviegoers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and Seattle will have access to an early screening of the Searchlight Pictures film, “Summer of Soul”, slated for release July 2. Lionsgate is providing an exclusive Protégé scene and giveaways. On Wednesday, June 23, IFC Films is offering early access screenings to “Werewolves Within” which releases on June 25th. In addition, Sony Pictures is providing the opportunity to win a private watch party for some of their upcoming films. Also, in celebration of Cinema Week 2021, Paramount announced a special, 1-night only double-feature to relive the original “A Quiet Place” back-to-back with the latest installment of “A Quiet Place Part II” for 1 regular price of admission. Additional studio activations will vary based on location.

“The enthusiasm and support from exhibitors, studios and industry partners has been profound,” said Brandon Jones, Executive Chairman of the Founding Committee of Exhibitor and Studio Partners for Cinema Week. “The industry has collaborated in a manner to help theatres of all sizes rebound and make the first-ever Cinema Week a success. We are thankful to the studios for creating content and providing amazing movie collectables for this six-day event. It is clear that it’s time to ditch the couch, and get back to going to the movies.”

Designed to energize moviegoers, and encourage audiences to support local movie theaters, Cinema Week activities will vary depending upon the location. Moviegoers will purchase tickets as usual, and when they arrive at the theater, each experience will be unique. Studio, vendor and exhibitor partners may provide special Cinema Week content / in-theater only experiences, early access screenings, giveaways, and more.

The Cinema Week consumer store is now live at A portion of all Cinema Week merchandise sold will be donated to the Big Screens Big Hearts campaign aiming to support the Will Rogers Pioneers Assistance Fund that provides financial aid and supportive counseling to individuals who work in theatrical exhibition, distribution and vendors exclusive to either sector, who are encountering an illness, accident or injury.

“Cinépolis is thrilled to be partnering with Cinema Week and theaters across the nation to celebrate theater-going. We’re excited for our guests to re-experience the magic of the big screen and the fun incentives we have planned each night of Cinema Week.” – Luis Olloqui, CEO of Cinépolis, USA

“As we follow the reopening of cinemas globally, we see one thing in common, moviegoer excitement to return,” added Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “Our dedicated cinema team shares the anticipation to sit back, relax and enjoy a movie in theaters. It’s our privilege to collaborate with partners from across the entire industry in support of Cinema Week and welcome audiences back.”

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Cinema Week is a six-day nationwide event designed to unite cinemas of all sizes. With a mission to celebrate and preserve the culture of going to the movies, Cinema Week partners showcase exclusive in-theater content, activations, giveaways, special guests and more.

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