CIELO Unveils the First Device Monitoring App for the Cinema Industry at Cinemacon 2019

Las Vegas ( April 1, 2019 ) -

CIELO Cinema, the global leader in Cinema device monitoring and data analytics, announced today that it will be releasing the latest version of its CIELO Cinema Platform, 5.18, at CinemaCon, the world’s largest trade event for the motion picture theater industry. The enhanced version of the platform focuses on building and adding major functionality to previous releases. This includes a new innovative IoT and M2M mobile application to meet ever-growing platform challenges.

CIELO Cinema remains one of the most prominent advocates of digital integration in the cinema industry. The new platform follows three of the company’s major principles: accessibility, visibility and efficiency that in tandem bolster greater management capabilities for its clients and users. Since its inception in 2015, the trailblazing CIELO Cinema Platform has been welcomed as one of the industry’s most influential systems, lending previously unmatched support and full manageability to clients’ operations.

CIELO Cinema Application now available for Android and iOS

CIELO 5.18 will integrate smartphones into the diversity equation with a user-friendly application now available for Android and iOS. The app will incorporate features and capabilities of the CIELO Cinema platform while being able to efficiently and effectively manage circuit operations on the fly. The platform’s app integration will provide an efficient set of prompt alerts and an inherent utility that will allow users to take action faster than ever before.

CIELO Remote – LMS and TMS Access

Another key feature of the CIELO platform is the remarkable visibility it offers to its end users. The CIELO community will now be able to access their LMS and TMS systems, empowering them with the capability to manage content and programming – scheduling all from within CIELO. This new module, along with CIELO’s Real-Time Monitoring, Analytics and Director, bestow upon our customers the luxury of managing their Cinema Operations all from one platform.

“These enhancements embody our company’s commitment to provide a fully integrated and open approach to technology,” said Rick Cabrera, VP Technology, CIELO. In addition, Cabrera spoke of the paramount need to connect with others. “We believe in a unified industry, where CIELO can be a pivotal player in empowering exhibitors, resellers, and vendors to achieve more through connectivity. By allowing CIELO to support any LMS and TMS we are acting on that mission.”

 CIELO Director 2.0

Certainly, some of the most remarkable capabilities of the CIELO platform’s new version result from the implementation of CIELO Director 2.0. This is the core operational module that combines the monitoring and alerting aspects of the CIELO platform, establishes a direct link with technicians and other human resources. The integration of these resources, combined with the capabilities this platform provides, will grant full visibility and access to more efficient processes, allowing our clients to easily assign alerts and manage tasks to ensure greater efficiency in their business’ operations.

As for the streamlined efficiency afforded by Director 2.0, Lance Gil, VP Global Channels, CIELO, noted, “We have fully optimized Director 2.0 by analyzing existing workflow patterns and have taken out all of the inefficiencies to create very lean processes that not only save time and money but automate workflow operations.” Gil also explained, “Exhibitors now have the ability to resolve alerts while at the same time populating to do lists, delegating tasks, ordering parts and controlling devices all in one module – all in under 10 seconds and with just 3 clicks of the mouse.”


CIELO is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine 2 Machine (M2M) platform that provide solution-based analytics, remote monitoring and automated technical support to the cinema industry. At CIELO, we combine the latest in digital technology with a deep understanding of our customer’s needs to build seamless and intuitive solutions that can be accessed anytime and anywhere from the palm of your hand. As we continue to service more than 12,000 screens and over 20,000 devices worldwide, our mission remains: To empower the world to achieve more through connectivity.

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