CinemaNext and KD Kinotec Unveil ‘Remote Projectionist’ Solution for UK Independent Cinemas

CinemaNext has teamed up with KD Kinotec to launch an innovative new service for small and independent cinemas across the United Kingdom
London, UK ( June 11, 2024 ) -

CinemaNext, the leading provider of cinema exhibition services, has teamed up with KD Kinotec to launch an innovative new service that promises to revolutionize operations for small and independent cinemas across the United Kingdom. Introducing the ‘Remote Projectionist’ – a cutting-edge solution that combines state-of-the-art automation with remote monitoring and support.

For many independent cinema owners, finding and retaining skilled projectionists has been an ongoing challenge. The ‘Remote Projectionist’ elegantly solves this pain point by leveraging advanced automation capabilities to streamline projection booth operations. With this service, a trained team of remote projection experts will monitor and manage screenings in real-time, ensuring seamless movie presentations.

“We understand the unique needs of independent cinemas and the importance of delivering an exceptional viewing experience on a limited budget,” said Jordan Bedding, UK Manager at CinemaNext. “The ‘Remote Projectionist’ empowers smaller venues to maintain the highest presentation standards while focusing their resources on creating an unforgettable experience for moviegoers.”

The service harnesses the power of CinemaNext’s cutting-edge theater management system, seamlessly integrated with KD Kinotec’s remote monitoring platform. This potent combination enables real-time oversight, ensuring every screening runs smoothly, from dimming the houselights to initiating playback and monitoring audio-visual quality. It can also be integrated with other TMS that cinemas are using.

Kore Pendragon, co-founder of KD Kinotec, said the early response to the service from cinema operators has been enthusiastic: “Particularly for small, independent operators, the ‘Remote Projectionist’ is a game-changer. They can now offer their patrons the exceptional viewing experience they deserve without the overhead costs of maintaining a full-time projectionist staff.”

With the ‘Remote Projectionist,’ CinemaNext and KD Kinotec are ushering in a new era of accessible, technologically-advanced cinema operations. Independent theaters across the UK can now embrace the future, providing an outstanding moviegoing experience while optimizing their resources and staying competitive in an evolving market.

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