Atom Tickets Announced as a Premier Launch Partner of the New Snap Minis Platform

Atom Tickets - Snap Minis

The Movie Tickets by Atom Mini will allow millions of Snapchat’s daily users to seamlessly make movie plans with friends and buy movie tickets within the popular social media app

Santa Monica, California ( June 15, 2020 ) -

During the Snap Partner Summit, Snap, Inc. announced the social movie ticketing platform Atom Tickets as a premier launch partner for Snap Minis—a branded third-party experience within the Snapchat app. With the launch of the Atom Mini, called Movie Tickets by Atom, millions of highly engaged Snapchatters will be able to watch movie trailers, buy movie tickets and share movie plans with friends all without leaving the Snapchat app.

By using Movie Tickets by Atom, the movie-loving teen and millennial Snapchat audience can bypass the group texts and money requests that come with organizing a traditional movie night with friends. Following a ticket purchase, Snapchatters can share a post containing movie event details with individual friends, a group or to a Snap Story. The post will include a link for friends to get their own tickets to join in and choose seats nearby. Even the new socially distanced seating measures that many theaters are adopting will be present in reserved seat maps within the Mini.

Movie fans can also share a movie’s synopsis and trailer to Snapchat and rally friends to see the movie together. Snapchatters can further express themselves by adding images, playful stickers and text. They can even bring their Snapchat Bitmoji into the movie experience and see it in their selected seat when they link their account with Atom. Purchasers enjoy a VIP experience at the theater by skipping ticket lines and scanning a QR code using their smartphone.

“It’s clear that our customers are Snap users and that Snap users are movie lovers,” said Matthew Bakal, Co-Founder and Chairman of Atom Tickets. “We’re always looking at where our customers spend their time so that we can deliver the best experience in a way that’s most convenient for them. The Movie Tickets by Atom Mini builds upon our existing DNA as a socially driven platform that makes moviegoing easier and brings friends together.”

The Movie Tickets by Atom Mini provides further unification between Atom and Snapchat. Earlier this year, Atom introduced ‘Share to Snap’ in the Atom Tickets app, a seamless way to share trailers and movie plans from Atom to their Snap story or to a chat.

“The Movie Tickets by Atom Mini is a tailored experience for Snapchat,” said Chris Brucia, Chief Product Officer at Atom Tickets. “With the help of the collaborative Snap team, we were able to shape the Atom Mini to emphasize discovery features Snapchatters find most appealing like watching trailers and sharing moviegoing plans with friends.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Atom Tickets as one of our Snap Mini launch partners,” said Alston Cheek, Director of Platform Partnerships at Snap, Inc. “We know that Snapchat users are heavy moviegoers, so it makes perfect sense to offer them a way to seamlessly buy movie tickets within Snap. Atom’s social approach to movie ticketing makes them the ideal partner.”

Movie Tickets by Atom is expected to be available to the public in the United States and Canada this summer. Survey results released in May by Atom revealed positive news for the movie industry in the wake of the pandemic disruption. With over 1,500 digital moviegoer respondents, 77% said they are ready to return to theaters within a few months; 25% are excited to return immediately.

The Movie Tickets by Atom Mini will support ticketing for all of Atom’s exhibitor partners including: AMC Theatres, Cinemark, Harkins Theatres, National Amusements’ Showcase Cinemas, CMX Cinemas, Landmark in Cinemas of Canada, Studio Movie Grill, Malco Theatres, Landmark Theatres, ArcLight Cinemas, and Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres, among others.

About Atom Tickets
Atom Tickets is the first-of-its-kind social movie ticketing app. Backed by Lionsgate, Disney and Fidelity Management & Research Company. Atom Tickets allows consumers to search for films instantly, invite friends, buy tickets, pre-order concessions and more.