CJ Cinema News Digest – Monday 5 December 2016

Insights from This Way Up, Cinema evolution, CGV to buyMalaysia’s GSC, Fandango buys Cinepapaya, Indian mandates patriotism in cinemas, India multiplex consolidation, Event Cinema racism, S. Korea attendance drop, Ymagis+Open Sky, Smart Pricer partners Compeso, Mark Schubin on “Billy Lynn”, pro and con eating in cinema, Indian MRP water fight, NCM promotes Lupo & Tursi, DCM upfront, Cinemaxx VIP seating, #MannequinChallenge….

CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 17 October 2016

Anti-trust fine for CGV, EclairColor goes LA, SPI goes Mumbai, Lotte evacuation in dark, Mukta wants to double, new NEC projector, India to enforce MRP, Korean art-house, lots of German cinemas, restoring Birmingham’s art-deco cinema and “Save Our Butts 2″….

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