CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 29 June 2016

Wanda Dolby Cinema, ‘Meet Me at Kinepolis’ app, Art House Theatre Day, Cineworld & Imax, $400K home Imax, Ecco & Gofilex, too saucy Sausage Party trailer, Downtown Cinemas Coastland, Welsh youth want cinema, Kinepolis in Spain and Newark’s last porn cinema….

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 18 May 2016

Cine price war in New Zealand, price Dublin tickets, CNC accord, Vista-Jinyi deal, Carnival’s 1,000 screens (again), ECCO & ICTA @ CineEurope, Kabuki Cinema, Japan recliners, Newcastle roof-top cinema, JC Cinemas, Campbell 16 closes and Stephen Follows’ Guide to Cannes. …