CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 16 May 2016

Alibaba ticketing worth $2bn, India cinema deaths, Ballantyne overhaul, PVR piracy trace, FilmExpoGroup website re-launch, Live Cinema Conference streams, Overwatch globally and dog cinema….

Daily Cinema Digest – Friday 8 August 2014

Wondering about the above picture? That’s no less than ten (10!) different ticketing machines in the lobby of a cinema in Beijing. Online ticketing has exploded in China along with the growth of multiplexes, Imax screens and attendance. But it…

Ballantyne Reports Strong Q3 Earnings, New CEO

Ballantyne Strong, Inc., a leading cinema equipment vendor and service provider, has been keeping their public relations staff busy this week with two important announcements. On Thursday the Omaha, Nebraska based company released their record breaking earnings for the third…

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