MPA’s Charles Rivkin Brings the Charm to CineEurope 2021

While more Americans made it over to CineEurope this year than did European to CinemaCon, they were still small in number. The Motion Picture Association’s Chairman and CEO Charles (Charlie) Rivkin was one of those and, even though he spends…

We Are Parable: Experience Over Everything

Their first-ever event at East London’s Stratford Picturehouse completely sold out in 2013. In 2017, directing legend Spike Lee collaborated on a central London event with them. In early 2020, they were recipients of a Lodestar award from Film London….

Distributors Open Up Film Archives for Re-Opening UK Cinemas

In a sign of support and solidarity across both UK and US distributors, the Film Distributors’ Association (FDA) today announced “Relaunching Cinema: Content For Recovery”, designed to provide UK exhibitors an easily accessible and navigable list of films (PDF link)…

What Will Film Critics Do, Now That Cinemas Have Closed?

“Lose our jobs and starve, most likely.” The Vulture critic Bilge Ebiri’s response to the question, “What will film critics do if all cinemas close for several months” was pithy and to the point. In a profession that had already…

How Women Will Decide Hollywood’s Fate This Summer

As I sit here writing this column on April 15th Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire currently has 66 trails open for skiing. What in the world does this fact have to do with a summer movie boxoffice column? Excellent question….

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