Zeoshi Launches Zeoshi Uprez

Zeoshi Uprez transforms HD resolution movies and TV shows into stunning 4K/UHD and 8K resolutions

Los Angeles ( August 4, 2020 ) -

Zeoshi, a media-tech company that builds powerful A.I. tools which free content owners from the constraints of today’s media creation workflows, announces the launch of its first product, Zeoshi Uprez.

Zeoshi Uprez combines Zeoshi’s cutting-edge A.I. with the immense computing power of the AWS Cloud to future-proof existing content libraries, enable new revenue streams, and put more production budget on the screen. It works equally well on live-action, 2D, or 3D animation. The results have a natural-looking 4K or 8K resolution; free of “digital” artifacts and entirely faithful to the original creative intent.

“Peak TV” has created an enormous opportunity for video content owners and creators. Television manufacturers and video streaming services are rapidly moving to 4K resolution and beyond. 5G will only accelerate the demand for compelling 4K video.

However, 4K production is a recent development, and many of the most beloved and valuable films and TV shows only exist at HD resolution. Even today, producing professional 4K video is significantly more expensive than creating HD content, often limiting other creative choices.

Created by three experienced Media and Entertainment digital image processing experts, Zeoshi Uprez offers an innovative and unique solution to these challenges.

Zeoshi Uprez’s A.I. is totally unlike traditional image processing upscaling algorithms. It examines every pixel of every frame with sophisticated neural nets and decides how best to translate those details to a higher resolution. Zeoshi Uprez puts quality first and relies on the cloud’s computational power to meet customer schedules.

Born in the AWS Cloud, Zeoshi Uprez is easy to use, has studio-level security, and is accessible through any web browser worldwide. Zeoshi Uprez is currently available in two AWS regions, US West – Oregon and US East – N. Virginia. Designed around the MovieLabs’ “The Evolution of Media Creation” principle that, “Applications come to the Media,” Zeoshi’s technology creates a secure A.I.-upscaling render farm in any major AWS region worldwide- wherever your content may be.

Zeoshi Uprez is available through AWS Marketplace with “pay as you go” pricing. Customers can see an estimated cost on Zeoshi’s website before initiating processing on their content.

“Zeoshi is using A.I., the cloud, and the simple, secure, SaaS solutions they enable to meet this critical moment with unique, innovative solutions,” said Robin Melhuish, Zeoshi’s CEO. “While we work as an industry to safely resume film and TV production worldwide, Media and Entertainment companies need to find new ways to generate revenue and engage their audiences with their existing libraries. Releasing at 4K with Zeoshi Uprez is an excellent option. We are hopeful that our upscaling solution will help companies, and the people they employ, to get through these challenging times.”

For more information, visit www.zeoshi.com.

About Zeoshi:

Founded by three Media & Entertainment image processing experts, Zeoshi is a revolutionary company that builds powerful A.I. tools which frees storytellers and media content owners from the constraints of today’s workflows. Zeoshi transforms the way images are created and experienced. Our easy-to-use tools are available through any web browser, empowering creators everywhere to focus on telling compelling stories.


Robin Melhuish

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