Xytech Expands Transmission Services with Launch of New Division

Industry Veteran Dan Lynch Will Lead Broadcast Services Division

Los Angeles ( August 3, 2016 ) -

Xytech (www.xytechsystems.com), creator of the industry-defining facility management platform MediaPulse, has announced the launch of a Broadcast Services Division to address the rapidly changing needs of global video transmission services. Industry expert Daniel Lynch, with Xytech since 2011, will lead the division.

Xytech Broadcast Services will build upon the company’s success in bringing holistic transmission and asset management solutions to the complex operations of facilities, studios and networks. The division will provide a technically advanced, modern solution delivering flexible, scalable and seamless software to operations facing increasingly intense content demands.

“Today, the unprecedented volume of digital content continues to drive change,” comments Xytech COO Greg Dolan. “This volume will grow exponentially for at least the immediate future. Successful transmission management must go beyond a feature-set to integrate with the key components of the ecosystem. We do not approach transmission management as a silo. We match a broad footprint of transmission-specific features to our message-based integration platform, Fuse – a full featured web interface – and our trademark configurability. This unified approach is the only way to succeed in today’s world.”

For 30 years, Xytech has defined facility management to the industry, innovating the way operations are planned and executed while managing assets across the enterprise. As content generation continues its growth from smartphone journalists to live UHD events, Xytech took a thoughtful approach to relieve the impact of the changes challenging the transmission industry.

Dolan notes, “Software defined networks move faster than yesterday’s technology can manage. To maintain relevance requires us to innovate faster than our clients. Having Dan Lynch lead this effort is key to us. It’s not the first time he and I have worked to better serve this market and we are both excited to bring Xytech’s array of tools into specific focus.”

As VP of Broadcast Services, Lynch will drive the evolution of the platform. Lynch is well known in the industry for his groundbreaking work with the Associated Press. At AP, he served in crucial positions for over a decade. Lynch has led Xytech’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Division for five years.

Lynch comments, “From transmission architecture and SDN to high output satellites and fiber, the ecosystem is dynamic. It is our mission to provide a powerful platform compatible with the nature of today’s applications. Xytech has the depth of experience to ensure the entire process is perfectly managed.”

“The tendency is to continuously add features to already wildly mature technology,” says Dolan. “This is buggy whip thinking in the age of the automobile. That’s simply not part of the Xytech mind set. We analyze the situation, look to our team of talented professionals and develop new approaches based upon the best technology currently available. Our engineering team is working on incorporating recent developments such as Network Function Virtualization to give our users access to all services in an elegant UX.”

Xytech works with the world’s best companies in broadcasting, sports and production. The company’s solutions enable financial accountability as well as operational and resource management. Lynch concludes, “Based on our expertise and three decades of service to the industry, we know this new Division will disrupt the way the industry manages its operations.”