Women in Exhibition Unveil the Women Mentorship Program (WPM)

WIE has announced the WIE Mentorship Program that will officially kick-off at CinemaCon 2022
Los Angeles, CA ( March 8, 2022 ) -

Women in Exhibition (WIE), an industry recognized non-profit foundation working in cinema exhibition, multi-media technologies and out-of-home entertainment platforms, are proud to announce their WIE Mentorship Program (WMP) that will officially kick-off at CinemaCon 2022, with a celebratory reception co-sponsored by The Boxoffice Company.

“The goal of our WIE Mentorship Program (WMP) is to create a global community of resources where top-notch professionals can use their expertise and experience to help foster female professionals at different stages of their careers,” says President and Founder, Heather Blair. “We’re extremely excited to hold our informal introduction during our March 16th morning webinar and Q&A session led by Mariam El Bacha, our program’s committee chair.” Blair further shared that applications are currently being accepted to become a WIE Member/Mentee and industry Mentor, through March 31, 2022.

The first ten (10) Mentees chosen to participate in the inaugural WIE Mentorship Program will be paired with leading experts in their chosen fields of interest. Mentors will provide individual career advice and offer resources within WIE networks that continue to build a unified camaraderie in an ever-changing industry. The ultimate goal is to enrich, support and empower female professionals by elevating their confidence and decision-making that will open new doors of opportunity when navigating their careers.

WMP is a 12-month program, allowing Mentees to adequately develop new skill sets and learn how to “lean in” to increase their visibility and to accelerate professional and personal pursuits. For WMP Mentors, it provides an opportunity to pay-it-forward and stimulate a cooperative narrative in an industry that’s thirsty for diversification and unity. Once Mentees complete their WMP, they will receive a letter acknowledging their efforts for growth and prosperity.

“WIE values the spirit of collaboration, inspiration and empowerment,” says El Bacha, former CEO of Cinepax, Pakistan’s leading cinema circuit. “By opening the playing field to a world of new opportunities, our goal is to promote leadership qualities that will accelerate a global community of women professionals.”

Once all applications are received and matched, WIE will announce their forthcoming CinemaCon reception date and time, held at Caesar’s Palace. Sign up to be a WIE Mentee or Mentor using the following specified links:

Mentees: https://forms.gle/rSK7tdAp7G7QcWtA9
Mentors: https://forms.gle/sDYsCcHABfrEFwD29

Women Mentorship Program (WMP) – Introduction Webinar on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST

Women in Exhibition (WIE)
Women in Exhibition promotes leadership, inclusion and growth as a portal for women to engage and enhance their professional experience with exhibitors, studios, technology groups and service providers. WIE will resource new and existing exhibition platforms to align women professionals for greater presence at industry conferences, forums/meetings, major events, affiliate groups and more. Goals also include partnering with charitable groups that support the industry to create educational programs for career guidance and success for all cinema professionals, newly entering exhibition or experienced.

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