Unique X and Cinépolis sign for MovieTransit Managed Content Delivery in Mexico, with Expansion Across LATAM, in 2024

Unique X and Cinepolis
Dublin, Ireland ( January 18, 2024 ) -

Unique X, the world-leading cinema software and content delivery company are excited to announce the signing of Cinépolis, the world-leading entertainment company in México and Latin America, for the deployment of the MovieTransit network in Mexico. All 6,821 Cinépolis screens throughout Mexico will be connected.

This multi-year agreement marks the rollout of Unique X’s electronic network for fast, efficient & reliable delivery of feature film and trailer content to all Cinépolis locations across Mexico, increasing the number of connected sites to nearly 800 in the territory and 3,500 worldwide. Deployments will start in January and aim to be completed by spring 2024, forming the start of a phased expansion of MovieTransit and managed content delivery services across all Latin America.

The network will be backed by HDD operations and marketing materials fulfilment provided by Cinenet, Mexico’s premium postproduction and managed film fulfilment provider. Support for this managed service combines local expertise from Cinenet and second-line technical support from MovieTransit’s global operations centre in the UK, to create a premium managed service catering to local distributors and major Hollywood studios alike.

Gabriel Morales, Cinépolis’s Global IT director, stated: “Today a new stage begins for Cinépolis, having concluded this alliance with the two market leading companies in the sector, such as Unique X and Cinenet. Now we will be able to transfer information to our cinemas more quickly and efficiently, saving valuable resources for the company. Innovations like this are part of Cinépolis’ DNA.

Unique X’s Chief Executive Officer Roger Harris said “Signing this agreement with Cinépolis is a landmark moment for MovieTransit and Unique X cementing its commitment to the Latin American film market with innovations in content delivery technology backed by the quality managed services from our trusted partner, Cinenet”.

“We are so excited to have completed this deal with Cinépolis. With our partner Unique X we can look to expand into electronic delivery and across the region complementing our range of dubbing postproduction services to distributors and major studio for their film releasing”, said Luis Castañeda, President of Cinenet.

About Unique X
Unique X is the market-leading brand and product portfolio for the future strategy and innovation of digital cinema, providing intelligent autonomous cost savings solutions and revenue-generating fully managed content services. Unique X operates in 90 countries across the globe and excels in delivering mission-critical cinema software. Every year Unique X delivers over 200,000 movies and 1.1 billion cinema advertising spots worldwide. Market-leading cinema solutions include RosettaBridge Eco TMS (Theater Management System), RosettaNet (Circuit Management System), Movie Transit (Digital Cinema Package Content Delivery Network), Basekey (KDM management), RosettaLive (Event Streaming), Advertising Accord (Complete Advertising Sales Management), SmartTrailering (Intelligent Trailer Scheduling) and Unique’s unrivalled consumer product, the movie and gaming content private cinema hire event platform “Book The Cinema”.

About Cinépolis
Cinépolis is a Mexican company founded in Morelia, Michoacán, more than 50 years ago, which operates in 19 countries throughout America, Asia, and Europe. Cinépolis is the global industry leader in terms of ticket sales and attendance per auditorium, as well as the world’s 3rd largest movie theatre circuit and the most important outside the United States. Cinépolis is the world’s largest luxury cinema exhibitor and one of the cinema chains with the most laser projectors in the entire industry.

With 889 cinemas and 6,821 digital movie theaters in total, Cinépolis employs more than 33 thousand collaborators. Cinépolis has introduced innovative concepts to the exhibition industry, such as the first multiplexes (Multicinemas), the ?rst concept of a luxury cinema (Cinépolis VIP), the partnership with IMAX turned into Cinépolis IMAX, Macro XE screens, 4DX screens, and Sala Junior screen.

Cinépolis remains at the forefront and has connected with different audiences through its brands Cinépolis +QUE CINE, Cinépolis Distribución, and Sala de Arte Cinépolis. It has also contributed to Mexican society through the Cinépolis Foundation with its programs “Del Amor Nace la Vista”, “Ruta Cinépolis” and “Vamos Todos a Cinépolis”.

For more information visit: www.cinepolis.com.

About Cinenet
Cinenet is a post production lab specialising in DCP distribution services, mastering, dubbing and subtitling. Based in Mexico City, Cinenet serve both Mexico and the wider LatAm region.