TimePlay Inc. Brings Interactive Media to Movie Theatres Across the U.S.

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Canada’s favourite pre-movie experience coming to 1,000 screens across the border

Toronto, ON ( May 8, 2017 ) -

TimePlay, a world leader in the multi-player interactive industry, has signed a partnership agreement with New-York based Screenvision Media, a move that will enable the company to begin selling interactive media in the U.S. for the first time. In the first phase of the rollout, TimePlay’s social mobile technology, which has proven to be popular with Canadian audiences and effective for helping brands connect with consumers, will launch on 1,000 cinema screens throughout the U.S. by the end of Q1, 2018.

TimePlay allows real-time interaction with content on the big screen through a free smartphone and tablet app. To date, four million consumers have downloaded the app which transforms their smartphone into a game controller and allows them to engage with interactive and advertiser-based content on the big screen before the movie starts. Players compete for prizes or special offers, and earn recognition when their name appears onscreen.

Currently available to audiences at Cineplex theatres across Canada and selected theatres in the U.S., TimePlay has developed an almost cult-like following with moviegoers, making it an ideal method for theatre owners, movie studios and advertisers to capture audience attention during the pre-show. Ninety-three percent of those who engage with TimePlay content would do so again1, 86% would come early to a theatre with TimePlay1, and 74% would recommend the TimePlay app to others2.

„Audiences love TimePlay’s interactive content because it’s fun and they view it as entertainment rather than advertising,” says TimePlay President and CEO Jon Hussman. „We’re excited to join forces with Screenvision as they have a vast distribution network which will allow us to significantly scale up our interactive media sales to brands, theatre owners and movie studios.”

The company’s innovative and engaging technology has broad application and benefits:

  • TimePlay works with global brands like McDonald’s and Chevrolet to create interactive advertising, which has proven to be more memorable than regular „linear” advertising according to several research studies. It also allows brands to collect valuable consumer data and insights, and lets them send a call to action directly to a consumer’s mobile device, which is a unique and powerful way to drive sales and return on investment.
  • Theatre owners use TimePlay as a way to attract moviegoers away from the competition, with 61% of audiences choosing a TimePlay venue over a competitor3. In addition, research has proven that TimePlay drives concession sales, earlier and more frequent visits to the movie theatre, and loyalty program participation and engagement.
  • The company is also working with most of the major movie studios on interactive movie trailers, which are preferred by 61% of moviegoers over traditional „linear” trailers, and deliver six times higher purchase interest4. Recently, Paramount Pictures collaborated with TimePlay on an interactive trailer for the movie RINGS. It turned a player’s smartphone into a fright meter allowing the audience to determine the most frightening scene. At the end of the trailer audiences got an unexpected call on their device.

About TimePlay Inc.
TimePlay is a world leader in the multi-player interactive industry. The TimePlay platform allows moviegoers to use their smartphones and tablets to interact with and control outcomes on the big screen in real time, while providing a targeted portal for offer delivery, e-commerce and social networking. The globally patented technology enables exhibitors, advertisers, studios and other partners to entertain, inform, and engage directly with moviegoers before or after a show. TimePlay’s two-way interactive platform drives high participation levels and is delivering significantly elevated engagement and activation for its partners compared with traditional media campaigns.

TimePlay is currently deployed at several exhibitors including Cineplex Inc., Carmike Cinemas, Emagine Theatres and Bow Tie Cinemas. Many brands have created interactive TimePlay ads including McDonald’s, Mazda, Samsung, Revlon, Shell and Heineken. TimePlay has offices in Los Angeles and Toronto. Please visit us at www.timeplay.com and follow us @TimePlayEnt.


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