This Too Shall Pass…

A Notice from Atom Seating

Atlanta ( August 17, 2020 ) -

At Atom Seating, we understand the current situation that the Cinema industry is facing. People are calling it the ‘New Normal’ but, actually, there is hardly anything ‘normal’ about COVID-19.

Like many other industries, Cinema has suffered a great deal: pandemic, lack of content, concerns and uncertainties over social-distancing, lockdown, extended lockdown and… finally, some relief in parts of the world with the shutters opening-up again… but that’s just half the battle over.

In fact, our industry is bombarded by threats, call them ‘operating’ threats or ‘survival’ threats. Content is just a part of it and the studios’ decreasing the theatrical release window or releasing movies direct via PVOD/ OTT is actually not the biggest problem. Other – smaller as well as bigger – issues which now grip the industry include: higher sanitation costs, lower F&B income and the disruption of the “eco-system” that we all know forms the perfect night out.

That said, we are human beings and we do need to believe that we will do better tomorrow and that together we’ll evolve. We understand recliner seating is an almost ideal way to maintain physical distancing, as well as offering patrons that ever-enhanced experience of going to the movies.

As such, Atom Seating is taking three positive steps:

  • We are dropping our margins so as to make our seats even more affordable.
  • For as long, and as much, as possible, we will ease-out your payment options according
    to your orders – anywhere between 3 and 24 months.
  • We will pledge to donate 5% of our earnings to organizations supporting frontline workers, worldwide, who are selflessly fighting the Coronavirus in the battle to return to normalcy.

At Atom, our door is open.

Let us survive this period after which we can do business and return to earning profits.

Till then, let’s not lose hope, friends.