The Acclaimed Spanish Documentary “Free” Arrives in U.S. Theaters November 2

Free - directed by Santos Blanco

Filmmakers take movie-goers on a journey behind monastic walls and to the hidden life of a cloister to discover those who find total freedom through silence and contemplation

Madrid, Spain ( September 20, 2023 ) -

Bosco Films, Variopinto Productions, and Fathom Events announce the November 2, 2023, U.S. theatrical release of “Free: A Journey into Man’s Inner Self,” also known as “Libres” in Spain and Latin America. Directed by Santos Blanco, “Free” became a phenomenon in Spain, with a seventeen-week theatrical run.

“Free” travels through 12 Spanish monasteries taking audiences behind the walls of the hidden and unknown monastic life in a religious cloister and gives first-hand knowledge of what leads a person in the 21st century to renounce a life “in the world” in exchange for a life devoted exclusively to the interior spiritual life. Watch the official trailer here.

For the first time, film crews were granted access to monasteries in Spain, places that usually remain closed to the world, to speak with their inhabitants, people who rarely utter a word. While present around the world, Spain is home to 750 monastic communities, the largest number of monasteries inhabited by cloistered nuns and monks in the world. FREE was filmed across various Spanish provinces and the twelve monasteries visited include: Las Batuecas in Salamanca, San Pedro de Cardeña in Burgos, and Leyre in Navarre.

“Gaining permission to access these mysterious and mystical places was a great challenge for us,” said Santos Blanco, director of “Free.” “There are only a few occasions when the outside world gains access to monastic life with cameras. It’s even more exceptional that the people who lived there opened their souls to our film crews. What audiences will discover is a contradiction to today’s modern world. We invite you to experience a taste of what makes our documentary subjects truly free.”

The visually breathtaking movie experience is a rare cinematic contradiction to a noise and technology-obsessed world, and is currently the sixth most-watched Spanish documentary in its home country in 25 years. “Free” has taken Spain, Mexico, and Latin America by storm and shows an alternate way of life amid contemporary society.

“Even if a movie-goer doesn’t have a point of view on faith or a desire for such a radical religious vocation, everyone can take something away from the message of silence, contemplation, and set-apartness,” said Lucia González-Barandiarán, producer of “Free.” “Our souls crave silence in order to hear and we need to connect with the beauty of creation, our Creator, and ourselves. This film is a glimpse into a way of life that leads to ultimate freedom. Don’t we all want to be free?”

The script was developed by Javier Lorenzo; executive produced by Lucia González-Barandiarán, founder and president of Bosco Films; musical composition by Oscar M. Leanizbarrutia, named best newcomer composer in 2022 by the International Film Music Critic Association for the soundtrack of “Claret” (known as Slaves and Kings in the U.S.); and photography by Carlos De la Rosa García.

“Free” appears in its original Spanish language with English subtitles and will include, exclusive to Fathom Events, a bonus featurette on the making of this documentary and why young filmmakers would pursue such a countercultural topic.

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