Statement of Clarification on Lionsgate and the Angel Original Series “The Chosen”

The Chosen
Provo, Utah ( May 23, 2023 ) -

Angel Studios–the platform empowering creators to crowdfund, create, and then distribute films and TV series globally with full creative control and backed by thousands of Angel investors–is issuing information to clarify “Lionsgate,” recent media reports about Lionsgate and “The Chosen”.

Media outlets are reporting that Lionsgate has exclusive worldwide rights to the Angel Original Series, “The Chosen,” which is not accurate.

Here are the facts regarding Angel Studios and “The Chosen”:

  • The new agreement between “The Chosen” and Angel Studios allows for worldwide sublicensing of “The Chosen” to be handled by a 3rd party. Lionsgate will now represent sublicensing worldwide outside of the global exclusive release window in the Angel Studios app and “The Chosen” app. This is an agreement between “The Chosen” and Lionsgate directly.
  • After any theatrical release, the Angel Studios app and “The Chosen” app have global exclusive rights in the first window for all existing and future seasons.
  • Angel Studios has perpetual rights to “The Chosen”, exclusive perpetual rights to “The Chosen” NFTs, and “The Chosen” will always be an Angel Studios Original.
  • In late 2022, The Chosen LLC and Angel Studios signed a new agreement making room for additional partners to support the mission of “The Chosen”. For further verification, please check out this link:

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