Smart Pricer Grows Japan and East Asian Presence With Geoffrey Bossiere as New Sales Representative

Smart Pricer
Berlin, Germany & Tokyo, Japan ( October 10, 2018 ) -

Smart Pricer, known as the pricing specialist for cinemas and the entertainment industry, is pleased to announce the partnership with Geoffrey Bossiere as its representative in Japan.  Mr. Bossiere joined the company in August 2018 and will be the major contact for Japan and East Asia, including Korea and Taiwan.

As a representative for Smart Pricer, Mr Bossiere will be based in Tokyo to target the Japanese and other Asian cinema networks. Smart Pricer has established as a market leader in dynamic pricing models for cinemas in Europe and is now actively entering new markets. Japan and East Asia are promising markets, given the fact that theaters generally enjoy high average ticket prices and high online share, driven by the huge share of smartphone usage.

“The Japanese cinema market has great potential for price optimization.  I am very excited to introduce the concept of dynamic pricing to Japan’s cinema exhibitors and, together with Smart Pricer, grow exhibitor client’s revenue”, said Geoffrey Bossiere, President and founder of Shining Prince Entertainment.

Shining Prince Entertainment offers consulting services, specializing in the distribution and marketing of theatrical, home media and digital filmed entertainment in Japan and Asia.  In the past, Mr Bossiere was the head of 20thCentury Fox Japan theatrical distribution during one of its most successful eras, and through Shining Prince he introduced new businesses into the filmed entertainment market in Japan, first with introduction of IMAX’s cineplex retrofit model, and later as the developer and launch MD of Hulu Japan.

When applying dynamic pricing, the prices of movie tickets vary, based on demand and capacity for the movie and theater. The model is well known in the travel and hospitality industry, where prices for flight seats and hotel rooms change constantly based on the booking time and real-time demand. Cinemas that introduce dynamic pricing can usually expect +5-10% increase in revenues, higher online shares, and better off-peak attendance.

“With Mr Bossiere we have found a reliable and determined sales representative for the Japanese market, whose experience and work expertise is a great asset in developing relations and help cinemas in East Asia to enhance their pricing strategy,” said Christian Kluge, Managing Director at Smart Pricer.

Smart Pricer provides cinemas, sports clubs, entertainment venues and ski resorts around the globe with the necessary tools to increase ticketing revenues and attract more visitors. With over 10 years of airline pricing experience and millions of pricing optimizations, Smart Pricer is the go-to-partner for many venues such as Europe’s largest cinema chain, UCI, Berlin’s Bundesliga club, Hertha BSC and Ski resort Zermatt. Smart Pricer continues to help companies achieve an increase in ticketing revenues by +5-15% while enhancing visitor satisfaction.

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