Silicon Beach Startup Lets Actors, Models Audition from their Smartphones

The Entertainment Industry's First Entirely Mobile Platform -- the UpCast App -- Ushers Casting Process into the Digital Age

Santa Monica, CA ( February 14, 2017 ) -

The casting process as you know it will never be the same. You use your smartphone to find dates, food, rides and more — why not use it to audition? Everything you need to land your big break — or find the perfect talent for your production — is already right in the palm of your hand. UpCast, a Silicon Beach startup company, is changing the way the entertainment industry discovers, auditions, and hires actors and models: it’s the first mobile platform that instantly, digitally connects talent and productions through the entire casting process. Using the UpCast mobile and web apps, production companies and casting professionals can upload detailed information about open roles in their upcoming projects, and actors and models can then audition for those roles from within the app.

Hollywood is nothing if not creative, and the entertainment industry is in the midst of a technological revolution born of its collective imaginations. However, the casting process — where all projects begin — hasn’t changed in 15 years. At a time when online streaming video is displacing traditional cable and virtual reality is coming to a theater near you, why are we still holding giant cattle calls and wasting hours and hours of everyone’s time — on both sides of the casting desk?

UpCast lets talent conveniently swipe through castings matched to their specific criteria and submit live photos (not outdated headshots) and videos from anywhere. Casting directors and companies can then see, filter and book talent digitally, saving everyone time and money.

UpCast was founded by Drew Doyon, a model turned CEO, after spending years in Los Angeles experiencing the pains of auditioning from both sides of the table. “I spent years driving all over LA just to attend 5-minute auditions and have my photo taken,” noted Doyon. “I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to connect people and help them find and create work in the most efficient, authentic way possible — while creating better opportunities and experiences for everyone.”

Save Money. Save Time. Land that Coveted Role.
UpCast breaks down the time and distance barriers that often keep performers from pursuing their dreams. No more taking time off of work to attend an audition. No more sitting in traffic for hours just to read a few lines of dialogue.

With a few clicks in the UpCast app, actors and models can record themselves auditioning for each open role and then submit their auditions directly to casting professionals, independent filmmakers, or companies looking for talent. Swipe. Audition. Submit. It’s that easy. What’s more, you don’t need to be repped by the ‘in’ agents in town — UpCast has a democratizing effect, opening doors and making roles more accessible to all. UpCast just might help you get the big break you’ve been waiting for.

A Casting Director’s Dream
For casting professionals and production companies, UpCast makes it possible to receive and review hundreds of live auditions within hours. This effectively ends the need to rent an audition space and spend countless days and dollars managing the logistics of auditioning hundreds of performers in person. UpCast automatically matches performers with roles based on their age and ethnicity — giving casting professionals the ability to specify exactly what they want to see in the auditions. You can request current photos and videos, specific lines of dialogue, specific wardrobes, and more. UpCast is the new first audition — use it to carefully screen and filter talent, then use the messaging function to request more information, invite them to an in-person audition, or book them directly.

People are Talking About UpCast
From fledgling actors to seasoned casting professionals and talent managers with well-known clientele — people are talking about UpCast.

“The last major shift in the industry occurred more than a decade ago, when digital submissions became part of the casting process,” noted Zero Gravity Management’s Ryan Daly. “The time is right for an app like UpCast, and it represents the next revolution in casting. More and more, productions are asking for self tapes from actors, and UpCast makes it super easy for talent to shoot and send current photos and videos. This presents a huge benefit to the people on the hiring end as well, as they no longer have to deal with outdated headshots. With UpCast, what they see is what they get.”

Early Success
UpCast is unique among startup companies in that it has become profitable after just three months in business. The UpCast business model is very straightforward. Casting agents and production companies upload roles to the app for free, and then actors and models pay $14 per month to use the app and audition for those roles.

“We’ve been very pleased with our growth so far. We were fortunate to receive a number of high-profile commercial, print, short film and feature film projects right after our limited release, and that has led to solid growth in our talent base,” continued Doyon. “We’re currently adding new roles every day with no signs of slowing down as we begin a new casting cycle in 2017.”

The UpCast app is currently available in the Apple App Store for actors and models living in the greater Los Angeles area, and UpCast has plans to expand to Android and additional U.S. cities later this year.

About UpCast
UpCast is the first mobile platform that digitally connects talent and productions through the entire casting process. UpCast lets talent audition from their smartphone by swiping through castings and submitting current photos and videos directly to casting professionals, companies, and productions looking for talent. UpCast was created by Drew Doyon after 8 years of modeling and acting in NYC and LA. Experiencing the frustrations of the casting process combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, he has merged his passions to help others pursue theirs. To learn more, please visit or follow UpCast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.