Record Admissions For Cinema Day 2023 In Poland

Cinema Day 2023 - Poland
Warsaw, Poland ( October 4, 2023 ) -

The 8th Edition of Cinema Day in Poland is already behind us. According to preliminary estimates, on September 30, cinemas that took part in the campaign recorded over 550,000 admissions. About 40% of tickets were sold for Polish films. The Cinema Day initiative involved the Cinema City, Helios and Multikino chains, cinemas associated in the Polish New Cinema Association, the Association of Arthouse Cinemas and the Polish Cinemas Association, as well as non-affiliated cinemas. This year, the organizational support for the Cinema Day was provided by Multikino Media. The event was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. InPost was the partner of this year’s Polish Cinema Day. During the entire weekend, over 1 million tickets were sold in all cinemas in Poland, which is about 60% more than in the previous weekend.

This year’s Cinema Day fell on the last weekend of September. This year’s event was record-breaking in many aspects: 250 cinemas took part in the action, and the action was supported by several dozen celebrities from the Polish film industry. The ticket price at the tills in cinemas participating in the Cinema Day was PLN 12. The Cinema Day, like in previous editions, was supported by the Polish Film Institute. InPost was the Partner of the action.

We are very pleased with the record attendance of this year’s Cinema Day, both in multiplexes and traditional cinemas. The audience of Polish productions on that day is particularly satisfying – we sold about 40% of tickets for Polish film screenings. It’s been a long time since so many viewers chose Polish cinema among all the offers available on the big screen. – comments the Polish New Cinema Association. The repertoire of the last months of this year and January 2024 will be full of Polish and foreign productions. Cinema day reminds viewers how pleasurable is to watch films in the cinema, what emotions it evokes, how good it is to meet family and friends and watch together films from a legal source.”

The Cinema Day is organized by the association of multiplex cinema chains – Polish New Cinema Association – grouping the Cinema City, Helios and Multikino chains. The association invites all cinemas in Poland to participate in this initiative, including single-screen cinemas from all over the country. – We are happy with the participation of over 100 traditional cinemas and the promotional support provided by almost all film distributors operating in Poland! . We also know that this day was a huge success for every cinema, and viewers will go to their favorite cinemas even more often in the coming months. – add the organizers.

The Cinema Day promotional campaign started on September 25 and included television, radio, Internet, outdoor, social media, involvement of influencers, and was also widely promoted in the news media. On Saturday, viewers could watch dozens of titles from the current repertoire, including premieres, but also pre-premiere screenings and trailers of upcoming titles. The most frequently watched films on Cinema day were: “Green Frontier,” “Saw X,” “The In-Laws 2,” “The Creator,” “O psie, który je?dzi? kolej?,” “The Nun II,” “Aliens at My School,” “Doppelganger,” “Ghosts in Venice,” “The Expendables 4” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.”

In the coming weeks, viewers in Poland will be watching many great titles, including: Peasants, The Secret of Little Rose 2, Believe in Santa Claus and Napoleon, as well as propositions for younger viewers: “Paw Patrol,” “Big Movie,” “Marvels,” “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Birds and Snakes” and “Wonka.”

The Polish New Cinema Association invites all fans of the best entertainment on the big screen – we are waiting for viewers in cinemas all over Poland!