Powersoft Unica Delivers Superior Sound Quality at Nordisk Film Cinema

Powersoft Unica 8K8

Nordisk Film Cinema chooses Powersoft Unica 8K8 amplifier to refurbish two of its screening rooms to achieve excellent sound quality and low power consumption

Florence, Italy ( June 26, 2024 ) -

Powersoft’s Unica amplifier platform is the backbone to recently refurbished screening rooms in Nordisk Film Cinemas’ Danish cinema Kinopalæet.

Nordisk Film Cinemas, a prominent cinema chain in the Scandinavian cinema industry recently refurbished two screening rooms in its Kinopalæet cinema, north of Copenhagen.

Kinopalæet turned to Powersoft Unica amplifiers in order to achieve a unparalleled and stable audio experience to its cinemagoers. Spearheading the rooms’ refurbishment was Jan Rasmussen, head of screen technology at Nordisk Film Cinemas: “The main factors in choosing audio equipment for cinema are quality, features and stability,” he says. “We prefer using networked sound in our cinemas because of the flexibility and cost efficiency and Powersoft fits perfect in all these categories,” Rasmussen adds.

The refurbishment was done in two rooms, Screen 8 with 81 reclining seats and Screen 11, a 4DX auditorium with 112 seats. Powersoft’s Unica 8K8 amplifiers take the centre stage, driving a full 7.1 setup with bi-amped front channels

Powered by Unica 8K8, speakers from MAG Cinema in Ukraine deliver the audio. The transition to Powersoft Unica amplifier platforms translate into significant savings on power consumption, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

One of the reasons, Rasmussen chose Unica amplifier to install in the cinema rooms was a “full featured multichannel networked amplifier with stability and high-quality.” Even though it was the first time Rasmussen used Powersoft amplifiers, he was happy with the valuable support provided from Powersoft in preparation for the installation.

Recognising the pivotal role sound plays in the cinematic experience, Rasmussen emphasizes that it contributes to 50% of the overall allure to the cinemagoers. “It’s essential that we can deliver the best possible sound quality, running with the best stability of operation.”

“We are proud to have provided Nordisk Film with our latest cloud-based Unica amplifier. This collaboration with a leading Cinema brand like Nordisk Film is a fantastic recognition of our newest amplifier platform and the many advantages and functionalities it brings to improve audio quality and reduce operative costs in the cinema market ” says Francesco Cionini , global key account manager at Powersoft. Thanks to our license-free Universo cloud platform, we are able to offer 24h/7 remote monitoring capabilities and help cinema customers to keep their audio system under control and minimise downtime situations”.

The end result of integrating Powersoft Unica amps has left Nordisk Film Cinemas thoroughly impressed: “We are highly satisfied with the performance of Powersoft Unica amps and will in fact use them very soon in another of our premium cinema auditoriums”, concludes Rasmussen.

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