Picture Shop and Panasonic Collaborate on Campaign to Celebrate the Art of Colorists

London ( September 2, 2022 ) -

Picture Shop, Streamland Media’s picture division, has partnered with Panasonic on a new campaign highlighting the craft of the colorist and the visual impact it has on storytelling. Picture Shop Senior Colorist Alex Gascoigne is featured in a short film which explores the collaboration, sharing insights on his creative process as well as a breakdown of scenes he graded for the award-winning Netflix series Black Mirror.

“Picture Shop is proud to partner with Panasonic,” says Picture Shop Chief Sales Officer Robert Glass. “Their OLED TVs are part of the creative workflow that helps audiences enjoy entertainment in their homes that looks precisely as the filmmakers envisioned.”

“I’m really excited to be part of this campaign and share why I think color can have an important influence on a storyline,” notes Gascoigne. “Even a small adjustment to the warmth or the coolness of an image can really change how that image feels. We strive for that perfect nuance at Picture Shop and Panasonic’s OLED technology lets audiences at home watch as the filmmaker intended.”

Gascoigne, based in Picture Shop’s London facility, has 15 years of experience color grading having worked across features, tv and documentary projects. His background in fine art and photography influences his choices on the screen. Gascoigne’s credits include Chernobyl, Holding, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?Eleven Days in May, A Boy Called Christmas, The Mauritanian and The Two Popes, among many others.

“Working with Streamland Media’s Picture Shop and with Alex has been extremely valuable for us,” said Paul Darch, director Europe, Panasonic. “Not only did we get invaluable first-hand feedback from a talented artist, but we also made sure that our customers are seeing on their TV screens is exactly as the filmmaker intended. This is what we call ‘true to the filmmakers’ vision’.”

Picture Shop’s global locations include Los Angeles and New York in the US; Toronto and Vancouver in Canada; and London, Manchester, Bristol, Wales and Pinewood Studios in the UK. Picture Shop also has dailies outposts in US production hubs, including Austin, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Albuquerque.

Picture Shop’s recent credits include West Side StoryBridgerton, and The Sandman.