Phoenix Theatres Entertainment Adds A Second PTX Auditorium Powered By The Trinnov Ovation2 Audio Processor

Trinnov Audio
Paris, France ( September 9, 2020 ) -

Following the success of the first installation, Phoenix Theaters Entertainment has added a second room featuring Trinnov Audio technology in their Chartiers Valley-Pittsburgh location. The flexibility of the processor allows for the addition of 4 subwoofers on the side and back walls, as well as additional banks of surrounds on the ceiling. Strong Technical Services supplied the equipment and installation, a customized 7.5.4 system designed by Troy James. The Ovation2 processor uses our unique Optimizer technology to deliver a system with excellent dialogue and system clarity, deeper and impactful bass response including the surrounds, and an immersive sensation far beyond the traditional 5.1 and 7.1 configurations. Besides the sound quality, the calibration process is streamlined and takes less than an hour to complete.

“We are very happy to have installed the Trinnov Audio technology for our Phoenix Theatres Experience (PTX) auditoriums. The sound is tremendous and the patrons love it. We look forward to using it again soon” – Phil J. Zacheretti, President & CEO.

“The Ovation sound processor has “WOWED!” Phoenix with 100% sound satisfaction. The adaptability , ease of calibration and support has exceeded our expectations.” – Troy James, Strong Technical Services.