Outdoor Gaming Concept on the Big Screen with Cine Project and AirScreen

Cologne ( August 2, 2022 ) -

In the summer months people prefer to spend time outdoors. That’s why it often seems like an overcoming to gamble on the computer or the console. In order not to have to miss out on gaming fun and simply be able to gamble outside, the AIRSCREEN Company, together with the leading German cinema integrator Cine Project, developed an outdoor gaming concept for home and live events.

AIRSCREEN is an inflatable outdoor screen that can be used with a projector (regardless of whether it is a professional or home device) and can be set up very flexibly. The product has already been used at Pulpit Rock in Norway for the “Mission Impossible: Fallout” premiere, on beaches in Mexico, the Maldives and Dubai and at numerous open-air cinema events. Also the Dutch Game Masters has already been played in the PSV Eindhoven stadium on a 16m inflatable screen.

As with all sporting events, the shared experience is the top priority for eSports. With AIRSCREEN – the inflatable screen, eSports events can be experienced even more intensively. Whether at the garden cinema with friends or for live eSport events, with AIRSCREEN every event becomes an incomparable event.

Marcel Kober from the CINE PROJECT group says: “As a passionate video game enthusiast, it was important to me to show the same professional line with our new gaming approach as with our cinema planning”. In addition to the screen and the projector, the concept also includes loudspeakers and seating, which are also used at cinema events.

About CINE PROJECT Kinodesign & AV-Technik GmbH:

The CINE PROJECT Group is an international cinema and event integrator from Landshut, Germany. It is known for its planning, service and mediation services in the field of cinema and event technology and is a leading company in this field. The company KEM Studiotechnik GmbH, which is known for its technical archiving tables for analogue films (including processing and archiving of original 35mm films), also belongs to the family of companies. Website: https://www.cine-project.de

About The AIRSCREEN Company GmbH & Co. KG:

The AIRSCREEN Company, based in Münster/Westphalia, produces and sells inflatable screens worldwide and is now active in more than 130 countries. The company has a worldwide network of sales partners. Website: https://www.airscreen.com/de/