National Amusements’ Showcase Cinemas Argentinian Team to Receive the “Enrique Ramirez” LATAM Exhibitor of the Year Award at ShowEast

Alejandro Gonzalez Alzaga, Mariela Mosso, Ana Alberti?, Oscar Garci?a Ortiz - National Amusements Argentina
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NEW JERSEY ( September 12, 2023 ) -

National Amusements’ Showcase Cinemas Argentina will receive this year’s “Enrique Ramirez” LATAM Exhibitor of the Year Award at ShowEast as part of the International Awards Luncheon on Monday, October 23 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Team members Oscar García Ortiz, Managing Director; Mariela Mosso, Director, Argentina Film Booking; Ana Albertí, Director, Argentine Marketing & Distributor Partnerships; and Alejandro Gonzalez Alzaga, Director of Operations and Concessions will accept the award.

“ShowEast is thrilled to honor National Amusements’ Showcase Cinemas with this year’s LATAM Distributor of the Year award,” said Andrew Sunshine, President of the Film Expo Group. “We commend them for their successes in the LATAM region and congratulate them on this richly deserved honor.”

Adding to their acclaim, Mark Walukevich, Senior Vice President International Film, National Amusements, commented, “Our colleagues in Argentina have been leaders in global exhibition for decades. Their dedication and expertise within the industry is unparalleled. I am delighted that their many accomplishments will be recognized with this very well-deserved award. Congratulations team!”

About Showcase Cinemas
Showcase Cinemas is a world leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, operating nearly 840 movie screens in the U.S., U.K., Argentina and Brazil under the Showcase, Cinema de Lux, SuperLux, and UCI brands. Showcase Cinemas delivers the finest entertainment experience, offering the best in viewing, comfort, and dining.

Oscar García Ortiz, Managing Director
Oscar García Ortiz first joined National Amusements in 1996 as part of the theater management team to open the company’s first Latin American cinema in Santiago de Chile. Today, Oscar serves as the Managing Director of National Amusements’ highly successful Argentinian cinemas circuit. In this role, Oscar oversees the overall operations of the theaters including the country’s only IMAX and he also heads up the overall dayto-day management of the Showcase Cinemas office headquarters in Argentina. In addition to his role with the theaters, Oscar serves as the Managing Director of the Norcenter Shopping Mall to which he was pivotal in the acquisition of this property, home
to the flagship Showcase Norte Cinema and the IMAX. Additionally, Oscar played a major role for National Amusements in the acquisition of the UCI circuit in Brazil, actively collaborating in the first wave of expansion and the openings of theaters in Sao Paulo,
Minas Gerais, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, and Porto Alegre.

Mariela Mosso, Director, Argentina Film Booking
Mariela’s career in the industry began in 1996 as an Operations Manager. She was an integral part of the Company’s expansion into Latin America, training in National Amusements’ UK cinemas in preparation for opening the first location in Buenos Aires. She joined the Film Booking department in 1999, applying her extensive field experience to the role. In 2003 her role expanded to include all programming responsibilities for the Argentina and Chile markets. In 2011, Mariela was promoted to Argentina Film Booking Director. In this role, she is responsible for all film & event programming, negotiation, and market analysis. The relationships she has fostered with studios and distributors, both locally and on the international level, are the foundation for Showcase’s stellar reputation in the industry.

Ana Albertí, Director, Argentine Marketing & Distributor Partnerships
As Director of Argentine Marketing & Distributor Partnerships, Ana is responsible for all aspects of the Showcase Cinemas brand, marketing, advertising, loyalty, social media and promotion for the domestic theaters in the Argentine circuit. She has fostered strong
studio and community partner relationships and worked to create experiential programming around new releases. She renewed the Marketing area, improving the interrelationship between the different areas of the company, and responding to their requirements and needs. Ana continually works on the growth of and the Showcase APP. Ana also oversees the campaigns, sponsorships, commercial
alliances, and avant premiers for the only Imax in Argentina, in Buenos Aires. She has worked on the launch and restyling campaigns for Showcase Norte, in Buenos Aires, Showcase Rosario, in Rosario City as well as the company’s introduction of “Super Seats.” Ana devised, developed, and leads the circuit’s loyalty program called MAS SHOWCASE which is very successful in sustaining attendance and excellent results for special promotions and offers. Additionally, Ana created and supervises the communication of all the company´s profiles on social networks.

Alejandro Gonzalez Alzaga, Director of Operations and Concessions
Alejandro is a highly accomplished professional who serves as the influential Director of Operations and Concessions for Showcase Cinemas in Argentina. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Alejandro’s journey with National Amusements began back in 1996 when he embarked on a momentous endeavor, spearheading the successful launch of the very first Showcase Operation in Argentina. Throughout his
ascent, Alejandro’s remarkable leadership qualities consistently earned him promotions, ascending from Theatre General Manager to Assistant Operations Manager. His innate ability to innovate and drive excellence in every aspect of the business led to his current
role as the Director of Operations and Concessions. In this critical capacity, Alejandro expertly manages both the operational and concessions domains, working closely with theatre teams to optimize operations and elevate concession sales. His strategic insights
and dedication to efficiency have paved the way for continued success, revolutionizing the cinema experience for audiences in Argentina.

About ShowEast
ShowEast will take place from October 23-26, 2023 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel in Miami, Florida. After 35+ years, ShowEast is the longest-running and most successful film convention for major, regional, and independent cinema professionals. The show will attract an estimated 2,000 domestic and Latin American motion picture industry professionals and will feature product presentations and screenings of major upcoming films, exclusive sponsored events, and exciting and informative seminars.

About Film Expo Group
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