myCinema Distributing “Patient 001” for Exclusive Cinematic Release in the U.S.

Patient 001

A Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Written and Directed by Katherine Fleisher, Director of the Award-Winning Short Film, Bun-Bun

Los Angeles ( November 2, 2018 ) -

myCinema announced today that it is marketing “Patient 001″ to cinema circuits in the United States for an exclusive cinematic release from November 27, 2018 – January 15, 2019.

A dark psychological thriller that tests the edges of humanity, ethics, science and the supernatural,”Patient 001” is about an unthinkable act inspired by love, when a wife desperate to keep a piece of her husband alive, leads to the ultimate taboo and forbidden act.

“Patient 001 combines elements of Gothic tales such as Frankenstein to reexamine man’s inability to control what he creates. The greatest horror one can face can be yourself. We expanded that idea and explored a man’s clone being his worst enemy,” explained Patient 001 Director, Katherine Fleisher.

The myCinema release of “Patient 001” is taking place in partnership with Random Media.

“Our market research and feedback from myCinema exhibition partner executives validates the horror/mystery genre as one of great appeal, especially to adult audience members seeking more challenging, dynamic movies beyond that which is regularly available to them,” said Bruce Eisen, myCinema’s head of content acquisition. “With ‘Patient 001,’ myCinema is addressing the demand for intellectually challenging, complex movies that push adult movie goers to scientific and ethical edges. With its jaw dropping plot twists, the producers, writers and director of “Patient 001” go the extra mile to both entertain, intrigue and bewilder their audience.”

“Patient 001” is filled with shocking plot twists that promise to draw adult audiences, seeking an entertaining and mind-bending theatrical experience.

To view the “Patient 001” trailer and to learn more about the film, please check out myCinema on-line:

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