Moviegoer Study Reveals Significant Increase in Online Ticketing Up 18.7% While In-Theater Tickets Purchases Drop 5.4%

Benefits from Online Ticketing to Theatre Exhibitor Disclosed in Webedia Movies Pro Produced Poll

Los Angeles ( March 12, 2019 ) -

Webedia Movies Pro and Vertigo Research today revealed the results of a pioneering survey tracking moviegoer behavior for the year 2018. The study, was commissioned by Webedia Movies Pro, and produced by Vertigo research, surveyed over 100,000 moviegoers as they left U.S. movie theaters over the course of the past year. The title of the study is – “From Discovery to Purchase – The Moviegoing Experience Begins Online – A Boxoffice Profile.”

Among the findings, the survey found that online ticketing increased in 2018 by 18.7%, while in theater ticket purchasing decreased by 5.4%. The study also found a direct connection between online ticketing and other moviegoer behavior that benefit the bottom lines of movie exhibitors. The study found that online ticket buyers were more likely to:

  • Attend in groups. Online buyers are more likely to visit theaters in groups rather than alone. Online ticket buyers are 1.7x more likely to visit in a group of two or more, compared to in-theater buyers who are 1.4x more likely to visit alone.
  • Buy concessions. Online buyers are 2.1x more likely to buy an alcoholic beverage, and 1.7x more likely to buy a meal.
  • Purchase premium seating that included a surcharge. Moviegoers buying tickets online are more likely to purchase a premium screen experience. In 2018, the study witnessed a 44% increase of moviegoers who bought online that watched films on a 2D premium screen format. 3D, Premium 3D, and IMAX also saw more moviegoers who purchased online.
  • Choose reserved seating. More moviegoers buying their tickets online are choosing reserved seating, recliners and premium seating with specificities according to the website they use. 60.4% of moviegoers who bought their ticket online had premium seats as opposed to 37.9% for those who bought their tickets at the cinema.
  • Look past proximity, programming, showtimes in favor of amenities like premium experiences.

Online ticket buying has an impact on the theater chosen by the moviegoer. The standard factors like showtimes, the movies being shown, the proximity of the theater, and the ticket price saw minimal difference between online and offline ticket buyers. However, comfort, which would include the type of seating, and reserved seating became major factors when selecting a theater to online ticket buyers. 28% of online ticket shoppers said they picked the theater because of reserved seating, while only 7.6% of those who bought at the theater listed that as a reason. 36% of moviegoers surveyed picked their theater because of comfort, compared to only 25.9% of offline buyers.

Another trend surrounding online ticketing behavior that the study showed was that on average in 2018, 36.8% of those online ticket buyers bought their tickets directly from the movie theater website or app, rather than a third party vendor but third party online ticketing vendors also gained momentum in 2018. The importance of theater websites or apps can also be understood by their increasing popularity as the destination showtimes. Indeed, 72% of moviegoers who found the showtimes on the website completed their purchase on the same platform. It is also the top source for patrons purchasing their tickets at the theater as 30.9% used their theater’s website to discover showtimes, a proportion increasing by 12.5% during 2018.  Similarly, 30.7% of online buyers viewed showtimes on their local theater’s website, marking a yearly 8% increase.

While online ticketing increased in 2018, online ticketing accounts for only 24.9% of the entire market share pointing to a trajectory of further growth in the years to come as theater exhibitors across the country continue to improve on their customer facing online ticketing services, websites and apps.

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