Modern Cinema Group Plans Media Exchange Listings for 2018

Modern Cinema Group
Beverly Hills, CA ( November 28, 2017 ) -

Modern Cinema Group, Inc. (OTCPK: MOCI) is pleased to announce plans for its 2018 slate of media projects (movies, television and games) to be listed on its recently launched Media Exchange.

As Modern Cinema Group is coming to the close of a year of patent filings, systems design, software programming and commercial testing, the Company has taken time in November to designate projects to be listed on the exchange.  The media exchange is designed to bundle equity ownership and licensing rights for the media titles it lists for the benefit of global distribution platforms looking to gain important and timely competitive advantages.  This new model is expected to transfer many of the painstaking processes (face-to-face meetings, trade shows, endless phone calls) to a highly efficient on-line network that, by its nature, is fair and transparent to all parties.

Says Ross Cooper, CEO of Modern Cinema Group, “We have big plans for 2018.  We’ve been looking forward to the time when we can start listing projects on the exchange.  We’ve been tracking a number of producers over the last year and feel confident in the projects we’ve selected as they send the right message to those looking to participate in the near future.  We’re also focusing a good deal of attention on China as we should.”

The media projects that are currently planned to be listed are as follows:  1) A major motion picture in partnership with a highly successful Hollywood producer – to be announced before the end of the year.  2) Mobile video rights for the World Cup games for Indonesia.  3) Chinese Co-Productions with at least one project that has already received approval from the Chinese (CFCC).  4) An episodic television series and 5) The distribution of numerous “inspirational” movies to Asian and Latin American countries.

Also says Ross Cooper, CEO of Modern Cinema Group, “For those who know and understand the exchange, anyone can take advantage of its feature set and capabilities, however we must seed projects to show people the power, effectiveness not to mention its ease-of-use.  We believe the currently defined slate for 2018 is ambitious, however manageable given our growth throughout the last year and the growth we expect in the coming months.”

Modern Cinema Group plans to additionally launch its cloud-based media delivery platform and mobile apps in at least two different countries, enabling mobile carriers in both countries to offer media content from their own libraries rather than deferring to regional or U.S. based libraries.  Although many people assume mobile carriers have their own means to distribute media content to their subscribers, most do not.  Therefore, Modern Cinema Group offers a bundled solution comprised of the exchange coupled with a highly synchronized distribution network that is perfect for mobile carriers looking to deliver state-of-the-art “on-demand” experiences.

Mr. Cooper goes on to say, “I’d like to thank our partners, the Pride Group based in Dubai and Pride Holdings based in Chicago for their vision for this project and their support.  I’d also like to thank Kapp Software based in India for their wonderful systems and excellent design.  We’re really on a roll as we reach the end of the year”

Modern Cinema Group continues its ambitious schedule in order to demonstrate its commitment to grow a global media exchange to provide efficiencies as never seen before in the industry.  In a time when on-line models are changing the way people do business, such a model focused on motion picture financing, distribution and promotion is long overdue.

Modern Cinema Group based in Beverly Hills, founded in San Diego has spent the last three years designing and patenting new business and technology models that allow both producers and distribution partners to integrate their systems in such a way as to leverage each other’s natural advantages.

The Pride Group based in Dubai has spent the last 31 years developing business opportunities ranging from information systems to health care; Pride group is involved in a multitude of industry sectors. Pride’s affiliates are located in over 43 countries that span over 5 continents.

Kapp Software based in India is a 14 year old company employing some of the best software developers in its industry.  Pride software systems are running in many countries today with plans to expand in the near future.

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