Modern Cinema Group Announces Interview Series with CEO, Ross Cooper

Beverly Hills, CA ( December 7, 2017 ) -

Modern Cinema Group, Inc. (OTCPK: MOCI) is proud to announce the completion of an interview series between economist John Blank and the Modern Cinema Group CEO, Ross Cooper.

The interview series is intended to take a deep dive into the workings of the new Media Exchange in order to explain its inner workings and what it means to both producers and platform operators (such as streaming services, mobile carriers, cable and satellite TV).  This is an attempt to create enormous efficiencies within an industry that still operates as it did fifty years ago.  The new Media Exchange is primarily designed to finance motion picture productions and optionally license them directly to the growing population of global video platform operators with most all of the processes performed on-line.

Says Ross Cooper, CEO of Modern Cinema Group, “In the early days we had trouble explaining the Media Exchange model.  We routinely sent 64-page documents to people who rarely made it past the first chapter.  We then thought about posting “frequently asked questions” on our web site, however there would be hundreds of questions and answers.  The process to wade through all the information would be burdensome as well.  We ultimately decided on the interview format in a relaxed environment where the questions are specific and detailed.  Our interviewer then guides the discussion from one topic to another.  We’re hoping a large number of people read these interviews and then provide comments back to us so we can improve the series in the future.”

The interview series is packed with information such as the background of the exchange, how things work, the benefits to all parties, how contracts are designed to be “futures” (like commodities or currencies), and how contracts settle at the end of a predetermined period delivering equity “backend” interest in motion pictures coupled with territorial license rights to the buyers.  Also mentioned is how money moves through the exchange and how all parties are paid.

Ross Cooper, CEO of Modern Cinema Group goes on to say, “I haven’t talked to a single person who doesn’t agree this is a disruptive model in an industry that needs to become more efficient.  The methods and processes are expected to help producers start the production process on a much faster timetable.  The Media Exchange is designed to not only attract financing from traders and speculators, but to handle distribution processes and facilitate more successful P&A campaigns as well.  The efficiencies are expected to generate profits for projects that otherwise would have lost money or broken even at best.”

The interviewer in the series is the economist John Blank who is the chief equity strategist for Zacks Investment Management and frequent guest on networks such as CNBC where he routinely provides his expert opinions.  Mr. Blank asks penetrating questions about the exchange allowing Mr. Cooper to answer in ways that can be easily understood.  This format seems to work for those who are looking to better understand the model and how it can improve their business interests either on the sell side (producers), buy side (global platform operators) or for speculators looking to trade movie “futures” as they would currencies or other commodities.

The interview series can be found on the Modern Cinema Group web site as follows:


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