MetaMedia Surpasses Major Milestones as Its Network Connects to 5,000 Screens Across 500 North American Cinemas, Delivering 500 Movies

MetaMedia announced that its network now includes 500 cinemas and 5,000 screens across major cities in the U.S. and Canada
Los Angeles, CA ( February 20, 2024 ) -

MetaMedia, the world’s first cloud-based platform for delivering movies, live events, targeted advertising and other premium content to cinemas, today announced that its network now includes 500 cinemas and 5,000 screens across major cities in the U.S. and Canada. MetaMedia’s cinema customers also represent four out of the top five largest North American cinema chains.

MetaMedia Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jason Brenek said, “MetaMedia’s growth is a direct reflection of the evolving priorities of cinemas and content distributors who need flexibility, time savings and cost savings. They are seeking new, efficient ways to reach consumers with innovative marketing events and commercial opportunities that are able to target new audiences. This is something that only an internet-based platform like MetaMedia can provide and we are proud to power the new cinema experience.”

By providing critical supply chain services to content distributors, the company also celebrated crossing a major milestone by delivering 500 movies to cinemas from multiple major Hollywood studios, independent studios and international film distributors. Over the past year, MetaMedia expanded beyond the delivery of movies to cinemas over broadband to include a full suite of services for content producers and distributors, including low-cost, hybrid delivery, which enables the company to deliver content to every cinema in the U.S. and Canada. This service also enables MetaMedia to deliver movies to cinemas regardless of their current connectivity to MetaMedia’s expanding cloud and broadband network. MetaMedia also provides content packaging, key generation and delivery, and rapid, cost-effective trailer delivery to cinemas.

Weathering the pandemic and dual Hollywood strikes, MetaMedia’s content delivery network continues to expand its reach and content deliveries, providing cinema owners and content producers with a shorter turnaround time for getting its content to cinemas and millions of dollars in real cost savings compared to traditional methods of content delivery.

“Emagine is privileged to be one of MetaMedia’s first cinema partners,” said Paul Glantz, Chairman of Emagine Entertainment. “By connecting into the MetaMedia broadband delivery network, Emagine has been able to improve its operational efficiency and save on the cost of receiving films compared to hard drives and satellite. More importantly, MetaMedia’s network is delivering new and exciting content to our cinemas, like the upcoming horror film, “Thorns”, from Dark Planet Releasing, which will premiere in metropolitan Detroit on February 17, exclusively in Emagine theaters.”

MetaMedia’s global entertainment platform supplies cinemas with new opportunities and box office revenues by providing live-streamed events and targeted advertising. Since its launch in 2020, MetaMedia’s network delivered more live concerts to cinemas than any other platform, such as concerts from BTS, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Metallica, Florida Georgia Line and many others. MetaMedia’s next-generation technology also streamed live fan events for the Hollywood studios, including Q&A sessions with celebrities, executives and thought-leaders to facilitate and enhance movie releases, premieres, corporate events, conferences and product launches.

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