MAG Cinema launches its CINEBOX 10 – a “plug-and-play cinema” set

Kyiv ( June 21, 2022 ) -

Does selecting the right audio equipment for a professional cinema application sounds like a time-consuming and sometimes complicated technical task – which maybe only trained cinema specialists should be doing?

It doesn’t just sound that way but it really is…and that’s why MAG Audio, Europe’s leading loudspeaker manufacturer, introduces CINEBOX 10:  an “all-in-one plug-and-play” commercial cinema sound system.

MAG’s sound professionals have tested all the components thoroughly to blend them 100% seamlessly into one easy-to-install system. The carefully selected equipment offers plenty of headroom to fit any possible scenario in rooms up to 10 meters long with a screen width up to 7 meters.

CINEBOX 10 packs in enough power for an experience to rival that of much larger theaters.

Everything you need for a successful cinema launch offered in one single, ready to play and easy to install package!

CINEBOX 10 is not only a high quality, convenient and simple to install cinema sound solution. It also provides unrivaled reliability given a unique 10-year warranty on MAG’s speaker systems.

If the length of your room is under 10 meters, stop waste your precious time and don’t worry about complex calculations. Don’t look any further and simply purchase your CINEBOX10!

CINEBOX 10 includes professional MAG Cinema components:

  • 3 x SCR-412 – two-way screen speakers
  • 8 x SUR-406S – surround speakers
  • SUB-421 – 21” 1000W subwoofer
  • P-AMP-10 – 8-channel power amplifier with ready presets
  • TSAP-8 – a digital-to-analog converter
  • 8 x MN Mounting WMT-20 – low profile speaker wall mounts for SUR-406S

One of the undoubted advantages of CINEBOX 10 is its compact shipping size. The entire sound system has been developed rigorously to fit on a single euro pallet. This way CINEBOX 10 pallets can be conveniently stored at a warehouse or economically shipped directly from our warehouse to the site. All the components are carefully prepacked in sturdy cardboard boxes incl. internal braces to withstand the roughest air, land or ocean shipping conditions.

Key advantages of MAG’s CINEBOX 10:

  • An all-inclusive commercial cinema sound system set
  • Suitable for rooms up to 7 x 10 m
  • Built with optimal & high-quality components
  • Compact shipping
  • A worry-free 10-year warranty – the longest offered in the industry!

About MAG Cinema:


MAG Audio (Cinema) is the largest sound system manufacturer in Eastern Europe.

Since its creation in 1991, MAG Audio has been renowned for producing reliable world-class loudspeaker systems, amplifiers, universal mounting solution and professional drivers.

MAG exclusively uses its own speaker technology and quality components in the design process to attain the highest cinema sound standards.

The MAG Cinema division is dedicated entirely to the cinema sound business and offers a wide range of speakers and amplifiers adapted to any room size or immersive sound application.

100% made in Europe, MAG Cinema’s products come with outstanding and powerful sound quality, a 7-year hardware warranty, reliability, an incomparable price-performance ratio, Dolby Atmos compatibility, original transducer technology, flexible and short turnaround times.


MAG Audio (Cinema) is headquartered in Bila Tserkva (Kyiv – Ukraine).

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