INDY Cinema Group Signs On Caribbean Cinemas Across 500 Screens

INDY Cinema Group Signs Caribbean Cinemas
Austin, Texas ( March 27, 2024 ) -

INDY Cinema Group, an emerging powerhouse in cloud-based cinema management software, proudly announces a collaboration with Caribbean Cinemas, a prominent cinema operator in the Caribbean. This alliance appoints INDY Cinema Group as the exclusive provider of cinema operating systems and point-of-sale solutions for Caribbean Cinemas.

This strategic collaboration leverages INDY Cinema Group’s suite of forward-thinking solutions, including state-of-the-art point-of-sale systems, AI-enhanced business analytics tools, integrated websites, and mobile applications, setting a new standard for the cinema experience. Caribbean Cinemas’ endorsement of INDY’s technology signifies a shared vision for improving customer engagement, operational efficiency, and market growth.

By integrating INDY Cinema Group’s technologies, Caribbean Cinemas aims to streamline operations and gain valuable insights for strategic decision making; reinforcing the mutual commitment to enhancing the cinematic experience for audiences across the Caribbean.

Driving Growth with Advanced Technology

INDY Cinema Group’s comprehensive offerings include:

  • Point of Sale: Innovative, cloud-based POS systems with intuitive interfaces, designed to enhance transaction efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • AI Business Analytics Tools: Sophisticated tools offering deep insights for optimizing film programming decisions, operations and strategic growth.
  • Integrated Websites and Apps: Customizable digital platforms enabling easy interaction with Caribbean Cinemas for services such as account management, advanced membership benefits, and food & beverage ordering.
  • Full Restaurant Functionality: Integrated QR code ordering and handheld POS devices for an exceptional dine-in experience, elevating the standard within cinema settings and in house restaurants and bars.

A Shared Vision for Excellence
Ian Brown, CEO of INDY Cinema Group, expressed, “Our collaboration with Caribbean Cinemas, a revered name in the cinema industry, is a testament to our shared ethos of driving innovation and excellence. INDY Cinema Group is honoured to bring our game-changing technology solutions to their esteemed network. Together, we are set to redefine the movie-going experience, demonstrating the profound impact of our partnership on the industry.”

Robert Carrady, President & CEO of Caribbean Cinemas commented, “At Caribbean Cinemas, we highly value innovation and are deeply dedicated to enhancing the movie-going experience for our guests. We are confident that our collaboration with INDY will drive enhanced experiences for both our customers and employees.”

About INDY Cinema Group
INDY Cinema Group is swiftly altering the cinema software management scene with its pioneering cloud-based point of sale and management systems, emerging as a transformative force in the industry. Our unique approach to enhancing operational efficiency, customer interaction, and revenue growth for cinema operators worldwide showcases our commitment to innovation and marks us as a distinctive catalyst in cinema technology advancement. INDY Cinema Group will be showcasing their offering at CinemaCon in Las Vegas from 8-11 April 2024. Website:

About Caribbean Cinemas
Founded in 1969, Caribbean Cinemas has evolved into the premier exhibitor circuit in the Caribbean. With a steadfast commitment to delivering “the best entertainment in the best environment,” Caribbean Cinemas operates nearly 600 screens in over 12 territories. Their extensive network spans various regions, serving diverse communities. Continuously setting higher standards for the movie-going experience, Caribbean Cinemas has become a trusted destination throughout the Caribbean. Website: