In Tribute to National Drive-in Movie Day, Drive-in Theatre Owners Launch New Drive-in Website

Paramount Ranch - SAMOfund Drive-In
Dayton (OH) ( June 6, 2022 ) -

The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association (UDITOA) celebrates National Drive-In Movie Day by announcing their new website, which will allow movie-goers to locate Authentic Drive-Ins near them. Listings of Drive-In movies and show-times will also be available on the site, as well as the latest Drive-In Theatre news!

With over 300 Drive-In Theatres across the country, there is probably a Drive-In Theatre near you. Authentic Drive-In Theatres combines the nostalgic outdoor movie-going experience with modern state of the art projection and sound technology including bright digital projection, FM digital stereo, and the largest screens in the country.

John Vincent, President of UDITOA says “Drive-In Theatre owners want movie-goers to experience the Authentic Drive-In Theatre experience, and have created a set of standards for Authentic Drive-In Theatres. All Authentic Drive-Ins meet a set of projection, sound, and building standards and are dedicated to preserving the tradition of the Authentic Drive-In Theatre for generations to come!”

UDITOA Vice President D. Edward Vogel says “Authentic Drive-In Theatres present the newest First-Run movies, usually accommodating patrons with a double feature for a great value and a full evening’s worth of entertainment. With the largest movie screens in the country, Authentic Drive-Ins create a magical cinematic experience under the stars.”

All Authentic Drive-Ins are beautifully designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere in which you and your family and friends can enjoy the finest outdoor movie-going experience in the comfort of your own car. All Authentic Drive-In Theatres have a concession stand featuring a taste tempting menu of American favorites for all of your dining and snacking needs.

Mike Kerz, Authentic Drive-In website director says “While the institution of the Drive-In Theatre never went away, Drive-Ins are now back in the game! Our new website Authentic Drive-Ins and social media platforms will give Drive-In fans access to the latest Drive-In news. Watch for event announcements including celebrity guest appearances, concerts, horror film fests, screenings of classic movies and more at our Authentic Drive-In Theatres across the country!”

Please visit our site frequently for the latest Drive-In Theatre news and more! Please like and follow all of our official Authentic Drive-Ins social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and YouTube.

Check our complete listing at to find UDITOA Authentic Drive-In Theatres and show-times for the Authentic Drive-In nearest you!

UDITOA (The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association) is the premier organization serving Authentic Drive-In Theatre owners and promoting commercial outdoor motion picture exhibition at Authentic Drive-In Theatres world-wide.