Huaxia Film Debuts CINITY with Ang Lee’s Anticipated ‘Gemini Man’ Advanced-Format Movie Trailer

Beijing ( August 26, 2019 ) -

Huaxia Film Distribution Co Ltd (Huaxia Film), a leading film distributor in China, held a grand launch in Beijing to formally introduce its CINITY brand and the CINITY Cinema System, which is poised to set new standards in advanced format film projection.

The event, themed “New Heights Lead to Premium Experience”, was graced by representatives from government organizations, film industry associations and companies from the international film world. These included the State Film Bureau, China Film Group Corporation, China Film Co Ltd, China Film Science & Technology Research Institute and Film Digital Program Center under the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, China Film Distribution & Projection Association, Film Professional Committee, BONA Film Group, FOSUN Pictures Group, Wanda Media, and Guangzhou Jinyi Media Corporation, as well as Hollywood Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Movies, Sony Pictures, Legendary East, domestic film production companies, cinema & cinema management companies, and post production companies.

Fu Ruoqing, Chairman of Huaxia Film; Yang Xuanyou, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Distribution, Paramount Pictures Asia Pacific Headquarters; Yu Dong, Founder and Chairman of BONA Film Group; Li Haifeng, Chairman of FOSUN Pictures Group; Li Jie, head of Alibaba Culture & Entertainment and President of Taopiaopiao; and, Li Xiaodong, General Manager of Guangzhou Jinyi Media Corporation delivered speeches at the launch event.

A CINITY version trailer of ‘Gemini Man’, a new movie produced by the internationally renowned director Ang Lee, also made its debut, providing the audience a sumptuous and vivid audio-visual feast.

— CINITY injects vitality into the film industry

Technological advancement coupled with the deepening fusion of science and art has continuously been driving the upgrade of the film industry. Film directors and photographers also look to apply new technologies into film production.

Ang Lee, whose work is known for its exquisite emotion and profound atmoshere, has won two Oscars as Best Director at the Academy Awards. After ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’, he embarked on a journey to produce ‘Gemini Man’, which uses 4K, 3D and 120fps to deliver the impact of its artistic presentation with maximum effect. The CINITY projection system, being a perfect match with the technology used to shoot Gemini Man, brings out the unique features and artistic expression of the movie accurately and perfectly to the audience.

At the event, the CINITY trailer showcased clearer images, truer to real-world colors, and smoother motions, offering a more immersive film-viewing experience to the audience and enabling them to discover the unique artistic expression and charm of this advanced-format cinema.

In today’s streaming media era, the CINITY film incorporates multiple advanced technologies which can significantly enhance the viewing experience and value of a movie and break the boundaries of traditional films to attract more people to the cinema.

“When filming Gemini Man, we paid close attention to every small detail, trying to create a real-life impact with the help of technology. With the revolutionary CINITY cinema system, we could achieve clearer and truer visual effects with perfect presentation of 4K, 3D and 120fps details,” said Ang Lee, who gave a video address to the audience at the launch event.

CINITY is a milestone advance in the film industry, and a trend for the future development of the film industry in China and around the world.

“In the future, CINITY will lead the film industry into an unprecedented era of film-viewing. I will work together with Huaxia Film to produce more advanced-format movies to drive the long-term development of the film industry worldwide,” added Lee.

— The future is now – CINITY leads development of the film industry with its innovative DNA

Film directors are looking for technical advances that can help them better narrate their stories, driving further developments in filmmaking. At the same time, manufacturers of projection devices are also dedicated to the upgrading and iteration of projection technology and device to provide a better film-viewing experience. Together, they aim to convey art and deliver their visions in the most perfect way possible to provide the best audio-visual enjoyment to viewers.

The CINITY Cinema System breaks the technical bottleneck at the projection end. The system innovatively incorporates advanced technologies in film projection, including 4K, 3D, high brightness, high frame rate, high dynamic range, wide gamut and immersive sound. The overall sound and image quality have been greatly improved, resulting in clearer images, brighter colors, smoother motions, more life-like high-speed actions and more immersive sound.

Combined with the customized cinema design and strict quality control, the CINITY Cinema System will enable viewers to see every single detail in the images through a truly immersive experience.

“Huaxia Film has been paying attention to the core technologies of advanced-format movie since 2015. In 2017, we began to prepare ourselves for advanced-format movie projects. At CinemaCon held in Las Vegas this April, we entered into strategic partnership agreements with Christie Digital Systems Inc (Christie) and GDC Technology Ltd (GDC) to co-develop a projection system for advanced-format movies, that is, the CINITY Cinema System,” said Fu Ruoqing, Chairman of Huaxia Film.

“Currently, CINITY has achieved significant progress in product planning and design, project implementation, service operation, marketing planning and pre- and post-stage lab construction. We aim at facilitating the formation of the entire chain of advanced-format film industry – spanning filming, post-production to distribution and projection – through key technological breakthroughs. By doing so, we can help drive differentiation, professionalism and high-end development, as well as promote the upgrading of the global film industry,” added Fu.

— A new journey starts with strong support from partners

With the official launch of the CINITY brand, the CINITY Cinema System is now available to the global market and will be installed in cinemas.

At the launch event, Huang Qunfei, Deputy General Manager of Huaxia Film, signed strategic partnership agreements with Li Xiaodong, General Manager of Guangzhou Jinyi Media Corporation, Huang Wei, Vice President of BONA Film Group, and Zeng Maojun, President of Wanda Media and President of Wanda Film. These agreements will see each company installing 20 sets of the CINITY Cinema System.

In addition, Huaxia Film has started discussion on cooperation with several leading domestic cinemas and film investors, covering tier 1 cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, as well as stronghold tier 2 cities such as Hangzhou, Kunming, Qingdao, Wuhan, Xi’an, and Zhengzhou.

According to its plan, Huaxia Film will establish an advanced-format movie cinema chain worldwide – in western countries as well as in countries and regions along the Belt and Road – with an aim to drive the upgrading and development of advanced-format movies and ultimately, throughout the entire film industry chain.

In addition to the investment in projection devices, the CINITY Project will amass resources and manpower to produce films, including filming and post-production, to ensure the support for advanced-format movie programs.

Huaxia Film has already established a CINITY Film Lab, inviting related film organizations and well-known professionals at home and abroad to participate in the construction of its lab as well as in filmmaking. The lab also aims to nurture talents for filming and post-production of advanced-format movies. Ang Lee was invited to be a consultant to supervise the lab’s construction, and to set up research and experiments in the lab.

Huaxia Film also invests in advanced-format movies and provides support to organizations and teams involved in the production of advanced-format movies. At the launch event, Fu Ruoqing, Chairman of Huaxia Film, signed strategic partnership agreements with Yu Dong, Founder and Chairman of BONA Film, and Li Haifeng, Chairman of FOSUN Pictures. Together, they are committed to producing more thought-provoking advanced-format movies that are superior artistically and technically advanced to attract more moviegoers.

About Huaxia Film
Founded on August 8, 2003 as a large-scale comprehensive film company covering the entire industry chain, Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. (Huaxia Film) is committed to operating its core business of film distribution and ancillary businesses of film development, cinema chain management, cinema development, projection supervision and advertising. Huaxia Film also develops new business focus on international exchanges and cooperation, advanced technologies of film. At the same time, the company also keeps expanding new distribution channels such as the campus cinema chain and the alliance of art films.