Golden Link Inc. Joins Forces with Variety: the Children’s Charity to Provide Help for Disadvantaged Children

Variety - The Children's Charity
New York, NY ( June 3, 2020 ) -

Golden Link Inc. has partnered with Variety – The Children’s Charity to help disadvantaged children through the distribution of safety products at cinemas globally. A new line of masks, sanitizer holders and other products has been developed exclusively for cinemas, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the well-established children’s charity.

Golden Link Inc., a global manufacturer and distributor of in-cinema merchandise, will be producing and distributing these safety products to their cinema partners worldwide. Once cinemas re-open, these essential items will be available for theaters to offer customers.

Variety – The Children’s Charity will receive 10% of the sales, to continue their mission to assist children who are sick, disadvantaged or living with special needs.

“At Golden Link, we have been looking for an opportunity to increase our participation with charities through our work with cinemas.” says Jeff Waaland, President of Golden Link Inc. “With the current situation, this seemed like the perfect time to take action. Not only are these masks providing protection, but each one sold will help less fortunate children.”

“We are excited to work with Golden Link, etc…” says Nancy Klueter, President of Variety – the Children’s Charity. “Given our history of working closely with the movie industry, this is a perfect fit and an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and funds to help children.”

“This partnership with Golden Link…” says Erica Mangham, Executive Director of Variety – the Children’s Charity, “provides the kind of support that is needed in these unprecedented changing times. We appreciate their commitment to Variety, as we continue to further our mission and help disadvantaged children worldwide.”

These safety products will be available in cinemas globally when they reopen this summer.

About Golden Link Inc.
For over 20 years, Golden Link Inc. has been a leading provider of in-cinema merchandise. Golden Link licenses, designs, produces, and distributes unique, high-quality products to cinemas globally. With global offices, a team of innovative designers, and strong relationships with every major studio, Golden Link offers cinemas a full service solution.

About Variety – The Children’s Charity
Variety – the Children’s Charity’s mission is to fund and deliver effective programs that address the needs of children that are disadvantaged worldwide.

The organization was founded in 1928 by eleven men in the show business industry. They met weekly at a social club named “Variety Club”. On Christmas Eve, a baby girl was left abandoned at the Sheridan Square Theatre in Pittsburgh. The men informally adopted the baby, name her Catherine Variety Sheridan; and started paying for her education and upbringing. This altruistic act prompted the Club to start raising funds for other disadvantaged children and Variety – the Children’s Charity was born.

Variety – the Children’s Charity is an international charity operating 45 Tents (offices) across 13 countries. Operating for 92 years, Variety has raised more than US$2 billion dollars to assist children who are sick, disadvantaged or living with special needs worldwide through one or more of these 4 programs.

• Variety’s Care Program delivers critical life-saving medical equipment and services, healthcare and well-being to individual children and children’s health organizations.
• Variety’s Freedom Program delivers vital life-changing equipment and services for mobility, independence and social inclusion to individual children and children’s organizations.
• Variety’s Future Program delivers crucial life-enriching communication equipment and services, education and self-esteem to individual children and children’s organizations.
• Variety International Children’s Fund (VICF) provides assistance to children in need in areas where there is no local Variety Tent.”

Variety Tents directly assist more than 100,000 children and support more than 1,000 children’s organizations worldwide annually. To learn more about Variety, please visit