Gofilex APAC Expansion Launching in Australia and New Zealand 17th May

Gofilex is expanding to the APAC region, with Australia and New Zealand launching on 17th May
Sydney, Australia ( May 17, 2022 ) -

Film content delivery company Gofilex, is to formally open business in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The expansion will see Gofilex’s services extend to Australia and New Zealand on 17th May, managed by a newly-formed team.

Current APAC General Managers of MPS and Deluxe, respectively Jason Harrod and Teresa Hobbs, will expand their current roles to become Co-General Managers of Gofilex APAC, heading up the Sydney- and Melbourne-based team.

The joint investment enables Gofilex to provide a world-class IP delivery solution through a single sustainable electronic fulfilment platform and is the next step in a global IP expansion strategy. Having both companies at the helm continues to drive innovation while expanding across the region, further supporting distributors and exhibitors.

The Gofilex platform allows for a more streamlined delivery method than the current hard disk methodology. Harrod and Hobbs’ team will be supporting transition from current systems to the Gofilex platform.

Teri Hobbs said of the launch:

“We’re really pleased to have a local team on the ground and in the wider area. Customers will get all the benefits of a team that are in the same time zone and territory, with experience and understanding of the needs of the Australian market. We’re focusing on delivering a superior network for customers.”

Jason Harrod added:

“We’re delighted to be extending Gofilex in Australia and New Zealand, to provide a top-class service to our partners and customers. Our focus is a solution that provides greater transparency to both those in exhibition and distribution. Our goal is always to be best in class and best in region.”

Gofilex runs e-delivery distribution infrastructure globally, delivering content, trailers, DCPs, electronic advertising, directly to cinemas.

For more information, please contact Jason Harrod on jason.harrod@motionpicturesolutions.com and Teresa Hobbs on teresa.hobbs@bydeluxe.com.

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About Gofilex
Headquartered in The Netherlands, Gofilex (GOod FILm EXploitation) was founded in 1938 to support the physical logistic needs of cinemas, originally delivering all kinds of film content and point of sale material. Traditionally working for both studios and independent distributors, in 2008 Gofilex undertook a digital transformation that has seen the company evolve into one of the film industry’s leading e-delivery and live streaming solution providers.

Backed by state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary ICT architecture, Gofilex services and operations have grown the scope of the company’s e-delivery network across Europe and beyond. Reliability, security, transparency — and a predilection for film — have always been the constants during the company’s 70+ years servicing the cinema business. https://www.gofilex.nl/

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