Give the Gift of Movies at AMC Theatres This Holiday Season With an AMC Stubs A-list Membership

AMC Stubs A-List, the most popular movie-going subscription program in the United States, can now be given as a gift

Leawood, Kansas ( November 18, 2019 ) -

With holiday shopping season upon us, AMC Theatres (NYSE:AMC), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and the world, today announced that the perfect gift for movie lovers throughout the country is now available with a pre-paid AMC Stubs A-List membership. Beginning today, A-List, the No. 1 movie-going subscription service in the United States, can be given as a gift to friends, family, even employees or coworkers.

A-List gift memberships are available for purchase via or AMC mobile app and provide the recipient with all the perks of AMC Stubs A-List. Gift memberships do not begin until the recipient activates the membership, so they can choose when they’d like to start.

A-List gift memberships are available for purchase and can be gifted as 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership.

Along with the ability to gift a membership, AMC is making it easier than ever for members to make movie reservations with other A-Listers through A-List Entourage.

For the first time ever, this new feature lets fellow A-List members to make reservations together in a single transaction. By joining an A-Lister’s Entourage, members grant mutual permission to book on one another’s behalf. This allows A-List members to select two or more tickets next to one another, assigning one to themselves and the others to members of their A-List Entourage.

A-List Entourage is another step in the on-going evolution of the A-List movie-going platform, which is revolutionizing movie-going at AMC. More than 100,000 A-List users are already utilizing the Entourage benefit, just a few weeks after it became available.

“When A-List launched in the summer of 2018, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and during the last year as the program has increased in popularity to more than 900,000 members, we’ve seen monthly movie-goers become weekly movie-goers. But success is never final, and we continue to look for ways to make A-List even better for our members,” said Stephen Colanero, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, AMC. “The addition of A-List Entourage addresses one of the biggest pieces of actionable feedback we receive about A-List, which is that members want the ability to get tickets together in a single reservation, which no other major moviegoing subscription in the world offers. The early results of A-List Entourage are demonstrating its appeal to our guests who regularly attend movies with friends and family, increasing the frequency of their movie-going.”

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