First-Ever Biometrics Movie-viewing Research By Showcase Cinemas Reveals Theater Atmosphere Elicits Stronger Neurological Response than Home-setting

90% of theater audience rated movie experience as excellent or very good versus 55% of home audience

Boston ( October 22, 2019 ) -

Viewers in a movie theater are more likely to have a better overall experience than those in a home setting, according to the 2019 Showcase Cinemas Theater V Home Biometrics Study. This first-of-its-kind biometrics study examines not only how excited moviegoers felt while watching a movie in a movie theater versus a home setting but also how much more satisfied study participants were with key aspects of watching a movie in-cinema versus a home environment.  This includes satisfaction differences in picture clarity (98% theater/53% home), sound quality (93% theater/33% home), screen size (95% theater/25% home), seating comfort (88% theater/10% home) and atmosphere (85% theater/28% home).