“Dumbo” and “Shazam!” To Keep Top Spots Over Easter Weekend

Avengers: Endgame

Family favourites to retain the Easter Box Office top spots whilst "Avengers: Endgame" amasses 1,258,000 Advanced Ticket Sales!

London, UK ( April 18, 2019 ) -

“Dumbo” and “Shazam!” are set to keep their top two positions in the Box Office top 10, with “Dumbo” remaining ahead of the DC Blockbuster, according to cinema data experts Applaudience. With the warm Easter weather looming, sales are unsurprisingly down this week, but Red Joan, starring British acting legend Judie Dench as a woman accused of being a soviet spy, is set to be a strong new entry and is forecast to gross approximately £830,000.

Alongside “Dumbo” and “Shazam!”, other family films including “Wonder Park” and “Missing Link” remain in the top ten. “Wild Rose” is expected to keep its place in the top 10 and set to earn an additional £400,000 in Box Office sales with new stalker drama “Greta” forecast to reach £450,000.

  1. “Dumbo” – £1,600,000 – £1,700,000 (-32%)
  2. “Shazam!” – £1,450,000 – £1,550,000 (-44%)
  3. “Red Joan” – £730,000 – £830,000 (New Entry)
  4. “Captain Marvel” – £680,000 – £880,000 (-12%)
  5. “Wonder Park” – £610,000 – £810,000 (-14%)
  6. “Hellboy” – £450,000 – £550,000 (-62%)
  7. “Greta” – £400,000 – £500,000 (New Entry)
  8. “Missing Link” – £360,000 – £460,000 (-23%)
  9. “Wild Rose” – £350,000 – £450,000 (-51%)
  10. “Pet Sematary” – £320,000 – £420,000 (-56%)

Advance ticket sales as of 11am 18th April 2019

  • “Dumbo” – 11,437 Advanced Ticket Sales from 6,671 Showtimes
  • “Shazam!” – 5,645 Advanced Ticket Sales from 6,598 Showtimes
  • “Red Joan” – 6,576 Advanced Ticket Sales from 3,741 Showtimes
  • “Captain Marvel” – 4,266 Advanced Ticket Sales from 4074 Showtimes
  • “Wonder Park” – 3,788 Advanced Ticket Sales from 4,118 Showtimes
  • “Hellboy” – 2,225 Advanced Ticket Sales from 2,926 Showtimes
  • “Greta” – 3,073 Advanced Ticket Sales from 2,841 Showtimes
  • “Missing Link” – 2,434 Advanced Ticket Sales from 2,841 Showtimes
  • “Wild Rose” – 2,281 Advanced Ticket Sales from 2,007 Showtimes
  • “Pet Sematary” – 1,599 Advanced Ticket Sales from 2,382 Showtimes

Showtimes are the number of individual screenings across all cinemas.

Avengers: Endgame Update
As we reach the final week before “Avengers: Endgame” launches across the globe and culminates ten years of films in the MCU, the incredible figures are starting to stack up.

Audiences will need to start pre-booking their tickets very soon or miss out, with an estimated 180 UK screenings already fully booked and over 900 screenings listed as Selling Out*. With a staggering 1,258,144 tickets sold as of 11am today, “Avengers: Endgame” has already made £13,150,171 in Box Office sales already. This means “Avengers: Endgame” has already beaten “Captain Marvel”‘s opening weekend and a staggering 1.9% of the British population already have bought tickets!

How Applaudience work their magic
Using data mining software and sales analysis from the top 10 cinemas chains, Applaudience calculates the remaining seats available per screening, thus providing a reliable forecast of the numbers of tickets sold. Once the advanced ticket sales are calculated, Applaudience can accurately forecast weekend box office revenues.

About Applaudience
Applaudience combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication during the theatrical movie release processes. They own real-time showtime, occupancy, ticket price and film marketing performance data for all major exhibitors in Europe and North America. The supply revenue-driving insights about the industry’s performance and identify marketing opportunities with the highest ROI. Their goal is to increase attendance of the existing audiences by enabling data-rich collaboration between exhibitors and distributors.

*Selling Out is considered in this instance to be a screening with 71% or over tickets sold.