Digital Cinema United and SHARC Launch Content Delivery Network in US and Globally

DCU Connect Offers Cost-Effective DCP Delivery to Indie Distributors and Hollywood Studio

Los Angeles ( July 19, 2021 ) -

Digital Cinema United (DCU), a leading worldwide content and technical services company, launches its globally successful cloud-based DCU Connect platform into the U.S. to support the advancement of content delivery for film distributors and theatrical exhibitors. DCU Connect is a secure, reliable and cost-effective electronic content delivery platform based on the SHARC technology. The proven platform has been in development since 2015 to address the high cost of physical and satellite delivery of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) directly to movie theaters globally. Last year Digital Cinema United and SHARC entered into a technology partnership agreement. Today nearly 1,800 theaters and over 10,000 screens are installed with the SHARC technology across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia/New Zealand and the U.S., with more territories slated to launch by end of 2021.

“It’s always been DCU’s objective to streamline distribution and last mile services by offering an integrated digital delivery platform to the global theatrical marketplace and create better value for our film distribution and exhibition partners,” said Alan Christensen, CEO, Digital Cinema United.

“At Nu Metro Cinemas, we are technology driven to help make the operations at our theater locations more efficient for our staff,” said Johan van Staden, Head of Technical, Nu Metro Cinemas of South Africa. “Since installing DCU Connect at 16 of our theaters, we have found it to be a reliable delivery platform and it has helped reduce our operational costs.”

DCU Connect was developed to allow for fast, easy installation at movie theaters utilizing existing infrastructure and maintaining top tier security measures through delivery. The installation, which consists of downloading the DCU Connect software, takes less than 25 minutes per location and can be done remotely or on-site. Once the software is installed, theater personnel can use the DCU Connect download application to request, monitor delivery status and ingest feature and trailer DCPs, as well as preshow advertising content.

“As a technology company, it was important for us to partner with a company that has global reach and industry know-how to support the successful rollout of the platform. Digital Cinema United checked those boxes for us,” said Thomas Ramin, CTO, SHARC. “We’re very excited to support the expansion of DCU Connect which will rapidly grow the footprint of our combined global network.”

About DCU
Digital Cinema United (DCU) is a global provider of technical content services for Theatrical, Home Entertainment, and Digital distribution platforms. DCU supports the distribution of content for Hollywood majors, independent studios, event cinema distributors, and renowned producers and content owners worldwide through DCP Production and DCP Delivery services of feature films and movie trailers to all cinemas in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. DCU also provides International Servicing with Localization worldwide and direct delivery to Video-On-Demand (VOD) streaming platforms. DCU operates TPN (Trusted Partner Network) certified facilities across all of its regions and has offices in Los Angeles, London, Prague and Johannesburg. Learn more about DCU’s services at