DigiCine DCinema Sleeve and Server Combo Achieve DCI Compliance

Marina Del Rey, California ( June 16, 2017 ) -

Digital Cinema Systems Corporation (DCSC) announced that its DigiCine DCinema Sleeve and DigiCine-digital-cinema server combination have passed the DCI Compliance Test Plan (CTP). The DCI compliance testing was conducted by CineCert. The DigiCine server has been undergoing CTP compliant since December 2012. This version allows the DigiCine series 2 player to work in conjunction with the DCinema Sleeve to provide the latest media player functionality to be backward compatible with a series 1 projector.

This latest solution from DCSC allows the exhibitor to place the IMB in the DCinema Sleeve, marry it with the DigiCine server, and enjoy the functionality of features such as advanced integration with TMS, SMPTE DCP, closed caption / subtitling and Dolby Atmos support for their existing projector. This will extend the life of the estimated 17,000 plus Series 1 projectors in the field today and gives exhibitors a real choice to the projector manufacturers replacement strategy.

The DigiCine Digital Cinema Playback Solution offers exhibitors a premium, easy-to-use, software-based SMS with flexible choices in capability, servers and configuration for new installations, upgrades and replacements. The DigiCine Digital Cinema Media Player is the only software solution on the market that is designed with the intention of being computer hardware vendor agnostic, while the DigiCine DCinema Sleeve which houses a Series 2 capable IMB, for use with a Series 1 Projector has a low cost migration path to a Series 2 Projector via a simple upgrade kit.

The DigiCine approach continually meets operational and industry requirements through software updates. Therefore, the digital cinema playback system will always take advantage of its full potential. Changes in server features such as subtitling, audio capabilities and DCP formats, etc., will be continually kept current. DigiCine leverages the commodity nature of computer hardware allowing for a solution tailored to the exhibitor’s exact needs, be it a low cost solution, high performance and resilience solution or any combination of capabilities, whilst remaining compliant to distributor requirements as outlined by DCI.

About Digital Cinema Systems Corporation
Digital Cinema Systems Corporation (DCSC) is leading provider of solutions to motion picture exhibitors and digital cinema deployment entities. DCSC works collaboratively with its clients to achieve objectives through the provision of software, consulting and support services. The company brings together a number of little-known cost effective solutions from third parties around the world, augmented and enhanced by DCSC’s own product line.