CinemaStars Entertainment Launches Mentorship Programme

CinemaStars Entertainment has launched its new mentorship programme for young people

Online Platform Aims to Develop Digital and Journalism Skills

London, UK ( May 26, 2021 ) -

CinemaStars Entertainment, a digital platform covering the world of children’s entertainment, is proud to announce its pilot CinemaStars Mentorship Programme. The new programme consists of daily virtual sessions conducted by professionals from the film and entertainment industries. CinemaStars aims to encourage young people to develop journalism skills through this process, introduce the concept of digital marketing and open new perspectives and appreciation of the world of cinema.

Launched in October 2020, CinemaStars Entertainment has steadily built a following through its news, trailers, interviews, reviews and competitions revolving around the world of children’s film and television entertainment. The CinemaStars concept is unique – young people themselves review the films and interview young talent starring in the latest films and TV shows.

This has been very well received by the industry and the online community alike. CinemaStars has worked closely with studios, distributors, agencies and reps to support marketing and publicity campaigns. Titles reviewed pre/on release include “Wonder Woman 1984”, “Soul”, “Dragon Rider”, “Mitchell vs the Machines” and “Maya the Bee – the Golden Orb”. Interviews include young talent from “The Witches”, “We Can Be Heroes”, “Yes Day”, “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers”, “Big Shots” and “Sweet Tooth”.

“CinemaStars has seen a positive response since its launch, with young people enthusiastically engaging with the platforms and submitting reviews. We are excited and honoured to have a group of experienced professionals guide our enthusiastic young participants interested in expanding their skills,” Sanam Hasan, Marketing & PR, CinemaStars Entertainment.

CinemaStars Mentors Include:

Abi Kingsley-Parker, AKP Management Agency

Lexie Carducci, Riverside Radio Presenter, Live Events Reporter, Festival Host

Stefan Pape, Film Critic and Journalist, Lecturer at University of Westminster

Flora Neville, Journalist and Interviewer for The Week Jr

Dr. Ridah Khan, TV Presenter & Digital Journalist

“CinemaStars is a fantastic interactive platform for young actors and TV/film fans. The mentor programme is an excellent initiative which will inspire, inform and educate anyone interested in entertainment, giving them an insight into the inner workings of this most fascinating and exciting industry,” said mentor Abi Kingsley-Parker, AKP Management Agency.