Atom Seating bonds with Rochester Theater Management

USA ( March 29, 2019 ) -

With over 2700 chairs ordered for four of its locations in USA, Rochester Theater Management has begun installing Luxury Recliners, Gliders and Rockers from Spaces And Between’s Atom Seating division. The locations include, the Brockport Strand Theatre, which has entertained people since the time movies were still silent while the others are Geneseo Theaters, Canandaigua Theaters, and Auburn Movieplex.

Sonic Equipment Company of Iola, KS facilitated and managed the project from designing to installing, with Atom Seating, on behalf of Rochester Theater Management.

Rochester Theater Management own and operates cinemas in USA with over 40 years in the movie theatre industry. When requested to comment on the products from Atom Seating, Jason Yantz, owner and President of Rochester Theater Management said, “We chose VIP recliners and Glider seats from Atom Seating because of their affordability and durability.   We are extremely pleased with the final product and our customers are even more ecstatic about the upgrades that took place at our locations.  Our previous seats were extremely outdated and in terrible condition. Atom Seating has allowed us to revamp our image and bring first class movie entertainment back to our local communities here in upstate New York.”

Sonic Equipment Company is a leading integrator for Luxury seating across the country, and works closely with exhibitors nationwide to upgrade and improve auditoriums and cinema technology.  When requested to comment on Atom Seating, Eric Olson – Director of Sales for Sonic Equipment Company said, “Ankit Kabra and Atom Seating were very easy to work with. Their efficient and professional attention to this and every project, combined with their excellent product line, gives both us at Sonic Equipment Company and our exhibitor partners the most comfortable and confident experience possible when choosing such an important upgrade. Equally important for Sonic Equipment Company, is the support after the project is completed, to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.”

Atom Seating is a premiere-seating brand under Spaces & Between LLC. It manufactures VIP recliners, Gliders and Rockers and is present in various countries across the world with a dominant market in USA. To know more about Atom Seating and its line of products, please visit –