“ASTRA” Screening and Q&A at The Baltic Film Club

"Astra" is the first film from Latvia, appearing in the London Baltic Film Festival.
London, UK ( January 18, 2024 ) -

Producers of the London Baltic Film Festival are bringing a new cinematic initiative to London’s big screens, The Baltic Film Club. The project will be screening the latest and best films from the Baltic states in addition to the main annual event, the festival itself.

First up, “Astra”, from Latvia, screens on 27 January 2024 at Rich Mix London. “Astra” is a story about the unbreakable spirit of Gun?rs Astra (1931–1988), a Soviet dissident who acted fearlessly against the backdrop of the oppressive regime, being convinced that Latvia would one day be free again from the Soviet occupation. His iconic phrase spoken in the Last Word of the Latvian SSR court process, “I believe that this time will pass like an evil nightmare,” became a guiding motive and a source of strength during the fight to regain freedom.

The film confronts us with important questions: “Am I ready to live truthfully today, to be a free person? Can we, from today’s perspective, evaluate what it meant to survive during the Soviet occupation, close our eyes, build a career, sacrifice personal well being for the sake of ideas?”. Astra stood firmly against the regime and boldly said what others dared not.

As the only cinema screening in the UK, this is a truly unique opportunity to witness the remarkable story of Astra on the big screen. This inaugural Baltic Film Club screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the film’s director Liene Lavina.

The event is brought to London by the The Baltic Film Club in partnership with Spektrs & the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia to the UK:

  • Date: Saturday 27 January
  • Time: 3:30pm
  • Location: Rich Mix London, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6LA
  • Tickets: tickets are available for purchase on the cinema’s website at https://richmix.org.uk/cinema/astra-qa/
  • About the Baltic Film Club
    The Baltic Film Club is a new initiative by the producers of the London Baltic Film Festival, the UK’s only celebration of cinema from the three Baltic states, offering a unique lens into the lives, history, and culture of the Baltic nations.