“4DX with ScreenX” Recipient of Prestigious 2019 iResearch Award for Originative Cinema Technology

CJ 4DPlex Was Awarded the 2019 iResearch Award in the “Originative Cinema Technology” Category
LOS ANGELES ( July 12, 2019 ) -

CJ 4DPLEX (www.cj4dx.com), the world’s leading cinema technology company, was awarded the 2019 iResearch Award in the “Originative Cinema Technology” category for its cutting-edge convergence technology, “4DX with ScreenX”. The 2019 iResearch Awards Ceremony was held last month in Beijing where a committee of China’s leading economic experts assembled by iResearch gathered and selected CJ 4DPLEX for its overall excellence in developing the breakthrough cinematic platform.

Founded by Henry Yang in 2002, iResearch is the leading provider of online audience measurement and consumer insights in China, helping clients harness the power of the Internet with premium data products, analytics and consulting services, enabling clients to better understand China’s Internet sector and enhance profitability and competitiveness.

“4DX with ScreenX” is a blend of the two of the most advanced theatre technologies on the market today: the motion seating and environmental effects of 4DX that synchronize with the action on-screen and the ScreenX format, which projects onto the main screen and the theatre walls, bringing moviegoers beyond the frame of the movie screen. As of July 2019, “4DX with ScreenX” will have been installed in 15 screens around the world, including 7 in China, 5 screens in South Korea, 2 in France and Japan’s first “4DX with ScreenX” to open this month.

“The ‘4DX with ScreenX’ auditoriums are on its way to becoming a trend in the Chinese cinema industry for its innovativeness and superb performance in the box office,” said Nelly Jin, Partner of iResearch Consulting, Director of iResearch Academy. “We are delighted to present this award to CJ 4DPLEX for their insight. We believe the innovative technology has advanced the movie-viewing culture in China.”

“After the success of 4DX and ScreenX, we are elated to see ‘4DX with ScreenX’ grow and be recognized by the iResearch Awards as a breakthrough cinematic platform,” said JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “Our goal has been to break free of tradition and create unparalleled cinema-going experiences and so we are incredibly honored for this award and will continue to expand and share this unique and innovative technology with audiences around the world to experience.”

“4DX with ScreenX” has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the movie entertainment industry within a year of its launch. Featuring a stylish design and a higher level of multi-sensory immersion, the format received global recognition for its one-of-a-kind movie-viewing experience. The cutting-edge format has been honored by Fast Company in the ‘Live Events’ category this year, making the list of ‘The World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019’, and was awarded Silver in the Media, Visual Communications & Entertainment category at the Edison Awards last year.

China is the largest and fastest growing market for “4DX with ScreenX” with the first site opening in October 2018 at Shanghai Pudong district. Currently there are 7 sites with this innovative technology with CGV China – Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai Qibao, Ningbo Yinzhou, Hangzhou Bingjiang, Hangzhou Letigang, Chengdu Jinniu and Nanjing Huacai Tiandi.

CJ 4DPLEX is a leading, next-generation cinema technology company, headquartered in Seoul with international offices in Los Angeles and Beijing. The company has created innovative film technologies for theaters worldwide that include 4DX, ScreenX, and “4DX with ScreenX” for consumers to experience films in ways that were never before possible. 4DX provides moviegoers with an innovative multi-sensory experience, allowing the audience to connect with movies through motion, vibration, water, wind, snow, lightning, scents, and other special effects that enhance the visuals on-screen. Each 4DX auditorium incorporates motion-based seating synchronized with 21 different effects and optimized by a team of skilled editors, maximizing the excitement of the movie, beyond the limits of audio and video. More than 660 Hollywood and local titles have been screened in 4DX. To date, more than 76,000 4DX seats operate in 657 auditoriums, spanning 65 countries.

ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection theater technology used within a theatre setting, marking it as the most visually immersive theater experience of CJ 4DPLEX. ScreenX allows moviegoers to go beyond the frame of the movie screen by utilizing a proprietary system that expands images of feature films and pre-show advertising to the left and right walls of the theatre, creating an immersive, panoramic, 270-degree viewing experience. To date, ScreenX has been installed in 228 screens around the world.

CJ 4DPLEX was named Most Innovative Company of 2017 and 2019 in Live Events by Fast Company, and its technology has been recognized with Silver at the Edison Awards in the Media and Visual Communications-Entertainment category in 2015 and 2018. For more information, please visit www.cj4dplex.com and www.screenx.co.kr

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