CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 1 August 2016

Golem’s Moreno dead, Villette outdoor cinemas held indoors, Cameron on cinema, Ukraine & Russia cinema laws, Cinemedia insolvent, Secret Cinema “Dirty” BO haul, AndrĂ© Rieu record, Cinemark gun incident, Regal robbery, MIT glasses-free 3D, AMC to teach Odeon concessions, Argentina concessions smuggling, Barco Escape “Star Trek”, Epic seating, Cineworld opening and chicken in cinema. …

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 20 July 2016

Palace Cinemas fined, US ticket prices up/down, Vue results and IPO, Mexico’s TPP 10% worry, Indian cinema red tape, PVR is Kabali partner, Odeon apology, Golden Village recliner naps, Barco Escape Star Trek trailer, Secret Cinema Dirty Dancing reviewed, Alamo in East Dallas, Mukta and Omniplex expand, sleeping pensioners locked in….

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